LOW SCAM: Commodity Profits App and Commodity Robot review

Commodity RobotRead this review to learn why you should not trade with the Commodity Profits App and Commodity Robot of Andrew Schevchenko.

Schevchenko claims that his trading app so unique that it wins at least 83 percent of trades.

And because you can get both apps for free, you can allegedly get rich for free. But…

Commodity Robot and Commodity Profits App scam

Owners are scammersAs you can see, the same app shown by Schevchenko is presented under two different names, Commodity Robot and Commodity Profits App. This is the first warning sign that something is not all right.

When you check both websites carefully, you will find proofs that both programs are scams. The best proof is the story of alleged creators of both apps.

Commodity Profits App presents the creators as Roman and Anthony, meanwhile Commodity Robot shows different names under the same faces! What’s more, the same two guys were signed also under the Gold Digger scam.

So the story that is used for both programs is totally made up, nothing is true.

How it really works

The condition to depositCommodity Profits App and Commodity Robot have been created to scam people. How can they do that if the software is free? Well, that’s the catch, it is not free!

As you can see on our image, the software won’t be activated until you deposit money with a broker that you will not be allowed to chose. They explicitly say that you can use it with live money only!

And here comes the scam, when you deposit, the creators of this scam will get paid by the broker for referring a new paying customer. The trading software is of course worth nothing and it loses money, but by the time you realize it, it will be too late. Scammers will have their commission and your deposit will be gone.


Commodity Robot and Commodity Profits App are the same scam made to make you deposit and lose money with a worthless trading software. Never let an anonymous robot trade with your money!

If you want to see how money can really be made in trading, try a free binary options demo.

You can start trading with real money only if you manage to build a profitable strategy.

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