LOW SCAM: Crown Signals review

Crown Signals official webThis review provides proofs that Crown Signals is a scam that can only lose your money.

Crown Signals is a Forex signals provider and a trading platform that can execute those signals. These signals allegedly have a 92% accuracy, which could mean that they are very profitable.

The Crown Signals service is free, so do you have anything to lose?

Crown Signals scam

Yes, you have money to lose, because Crown Signals is a dirty scam.

Firstly, just one quick note, when a Forex signals service provider says his signals have a 92% accuracy, it doesn’t mean anything, because even with this win ratio you can be losing money, all depends on the ratio between stop losses and take profits.

Fake testimonials

Fake reviewsOne tangible proof that Crown Signal is a scam is in the testimonials. Because as you can see on our picture, they are fake.

They were fabricated with stock photos, these people are not real users of the signals.

Scam software

The plateform is a scamPerhaps the best proof is in the trading software they will give you access to. Check our picture to see that the Crown Signals platform is the same software that is used by many scams, like the Bitcoin Method, Crypto Method or Nasdaq Method.

This software is very dirty, because it features a fake demo. The demo will use fake price to generate profits that would never occur in real trading, thus misleading you to believe that the signals are profitable, but they are not.

How it really works

The only purpose of Crown Signals is to make you deposit money with a certain unregulated broker that these scammers are affiliated with. The broker pays them for referring new victims that will lose their money.

If you deposit through Crown Signals and let the software trade with your money, you will lose it all.


Crown Signals is a scam based on a scam software that fakes demo results. Stay away from it!

If you want to make money in trading, you have build your own profitable strategy that will correspond to you trading style and possibilities. You can start practicing on a genuine free demo with a regulated broker.

Don’t start trading with real money until you have your strategy ready and understand the risk.

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