Market TM and AXE Crypto Currency blacklisted by the CONSOB

The Italian financial authority CONSOB has warned against two cryptocurrency brokers.

AXE Crypto Currency and Market TM are offering trading with crypto derivatives, Market TM even adds currencies on Forex.

But neither of these brokers is regulated, AXE Crypto Currency is even hiding where it is from. Despite the lack of authorization both brokers are targeting regulated territories such as Italy.

This is why the CONSOB has placed both brokers on its blacklist.

For trading we recommend using regulated brokers only.

2 thoughts on “Market TM and AXE Crypto Currency blacklisted by the CONSOB

  1. Sorry, as i don’t believe in this news just as i have tried to reach the author name John Novak, (That is an Actor) and this is no sense writing a review which the author him self is fake, for this reason some one is trying to damage the image of some other brokers which are more serious then them. What an actor is doing on Market TM, an actor that is based on Canada of British Columbia in site that is operating on Italy and United Kingdom.

    Fucking fake news and fake authors

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