MASSIVE CHAIN SCAM: Index Crypto Market, 24 Expert Coin, Crypto Earnings…

In this review we expose the biggest network of investment scams we have ever seen.

Index Crypto MarketIt all started when one of our readers asked us about Index Crypto Market. We looked at it and it was immediately clear that it is a scam. But when we started to dig deep, we uncovered a network of scam websites that are all tied together.

All these websites obviously were created by the same people, they are either completely the same or very similar, they always use the same elements, the same fake testimonials etc. Just see our picture.

List of scams:

  • 1960 Binary TradeScams
  • 24 Expert Coin
  • 24 Stock Capitals
  • 24 Stock Market Trade
  • 24 Stock Trading Capital
  • 24 Trade Explore
  • 24 Trade Fair
  • 247 Bitcoin Crypto
  • 4 Live FX Pro
  • 4FX Trader
  • Active Crypto FX
  • Advance Trade Option
  • Auto Trade Option
  • Avari Trade
  • Binary Trading Capitals
  • Bit Hashsopx
  • Bit Trade Expert
  • Capital Crypto FX
  • Cash Capital Options
  • CBF Options
  • Classic Apex Trade
  • Classified FX Options
  • Clear Option 24
  • Crypto Active Pro
  • Crypto Boost Mine
  • Crypto Earningss
  • Crypto Flight FX
  • Crypto FX Flow
  • Crypto FX Tradings
  • Crypto FX Zone
  • Crypto Horizon Option
  • Crypto Line FX Pro
  • Crypto Lite FX
  • Crypto Sure FX
  • Crypto Wealth FX
  • Crypto Zone Mining 247
  • Cryptocent 24
  • Cryptospace Mine
  • Cryptozone 247
  • Crystal Crypto FX
  • Dios Crypto FX
  • Emoptions Trade
  • Esteemed Investment
  • Etoro Trade FX (not the real eToro broker)
  • Expert Cryptominer
  • Expert FX Market
  • Express Mining Zone
  • Fair Crypto Profits
  • Fast Trade Option
  • Flexible Forex market
  • Forex Crypto FX
  • FX Active Trades
  • FX Binary Flow
  • FX Blockchain Mining
  • FX Coin 24
  • FX Coin Miners
  • FX Crypto Base
  • FX Crypto Gain
  • FX Crypto Host
  • FX Crypto Option
  • FX Crypto Trades
  • FX Crypto Zones
  • FX Globe Trade
  • FX Gold Options
  • FX Lite Trade
  • FX Pro Crypto Trades
  • FX Star Option
  • FX Stock Trade
  • FX Trade Box
  • FX Trade Line
  • Gain 24 Option
  • Gain Max Option
  • Genesis Crypto Miners
  • Global Mining City
  • Index Crypto Market
  • Max Option FX
  • Premium Trades
  • Profex Trade
  • Quick Trade Options
  • Trade Boost FX
  • Trade Centre FX
  • Trade Cycle FX
  • Trade Profit Option
  • Trust Fund Trade (TFT)
  • Welt Trade Options
  • Winoption FX

Scam offer

Scam plansAll these websites like Index Crypto Market have the same offer – you allegedly can make tens of percent per day with them. You just need to deposit money and they will take care of the rest. They will tell you that they trade cryptocurrencies and other assets to make your capital grow.

But nothing could be further from the truth. In reality there is no trading going on, all these websites are made just to collect money from people, just pure scam.

No legitimate business in this world can make you 35% or more per day, it is just impossible. When you see a promise of returns like this, you know it is a scam.

No real company, illegal service

CompanyMost of the websites mentioned in the list above claim to be separately registered in the UK. But it is not true, when you check the registration number 11445991 they provide, it belongs to a company named Bit Elitum.

But even if there was this only company behind all this, it is not licensed by the FCA to provide investment services. So, all these websites are acting illegally, they provide unauthorized investment services.

Fake testimonials and reviews

TestimonialsThe typical scam element that is present with all these services is fake testimonials and reviews. All of the websites from the scam list above use the same testimonials, you will find the same photos and stories everywhere.

This is another proof that all these websites are scams.

Review conclusion

In this review we provide a list of investment scam websites that are part of one big network, stay away from them! It is impossible to make tens of percent per day, this is the reality.

If you want to try to make money in trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

With virtual money you will be able to see what profits are possible and what is needed to achieve them. If you decide to trade with real money, understand the risks and use only money that you can afford to lose.

12 thoughts on “MASSIVE CHAIN SCAM: Index Crypto Market, 24 Expert Coin, Crypto Earnings…

  1. Also similar to Cloud Hash Pro of which I was looking at Similar model and seems that same scam. I didn’t lose any money because it was too ridiculous to be true. These front end sites seem to be linked to a UK company EXIZERIOR LTD – which is now listed as dissolved.

  2. I invested 10,000 in Primecryptobank and they disappeared with my money Very pressurised selling and very little feedback when I was trying to retrieve my money A manager I was dealing with Tom Walsh very abusive

  3. Me chamo, Nicholas sou do Brasil e também fui lesado pela empresa ainda estão na prática, pois o meu caso é recente 22/10/2019 ..

    Investir U $ 484 em um investimento de criptografia de moedas.
    Por que você pode passar para frente, pois a plataforma deles ainda está ativa.

  4. You can add few more scammer to your list to avoid as they are a total scam:

  5. Can you guys verify the existence and legality of Their email address is
    Support and the website

  6. Thanks, John. I will already saw that when I needed to withdraw the profits my security answer did not match on the platform but I know the security answer, then they send me an email that due to security answer not matching I need to deposit $782 to correct it, they just want money the whole time.

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