MASSIVE SCAM: CoinbotLab review

Coinbotlab offical websiteThis review proves that CoinBotLab is an investment scam that you should stay away from.

CoinbotLab is a trading robot that is focused on cryptocurrencies. You are supposed to deposit money and let the robot trade with it. It of course should generate you profits, not only because testimonials on the CoinBotLab website suggest it.

So, is it a genuine opportunity?

CoinbotLab scam

Robots comparisonThe truth is that CoinbotLab is just another crypto scam based on a scam robot that we have seen many times. This robot is not profitable, period.

Sometimes it lets users try it in a demo mode, but that demo mode generates fake profits based on fake prices, so it is very misleading.

How do we know that CoinbotLab is losing money? Because it uses the same app as many scams that we get feedback about from real users.

Look at our picture and you will see some examples, BestCoinBot, CryptoRobot365 and OptionRobot all use the exact same trading software.

This robot basically is worthless, it has no real profitable strategy, it will just generate some random trading signals that lead to losses in the long term.

So, why do scammers bother with a free and losing trading robot?

Fake reviews

Fake reviewsDon’t let them persuade you about Coinbotlab with the testimonials you can see on their website. All these reviews are fake, these people are not real users of the system.

Look at our picture to see a proof, these photos were stolen from people who don’t even know that this program exists.

How it really works

The explanation is very simple. Scammers who run CoinbotLab are associated with some unregulated and shady brokers that pay them for referring new depositing clients. So, they need you to deposit through their software with their broker (Olsson Capital) in order to earn an affiliate commission.

That’s how all these scams work. And if you deposit money and let the robot trade with it, scammers will get their money and their robot will lose your deposit. End of a sad story.


CoinbotLab is a scam robot that can only lose your money, stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in crypto trading, try it first risk free on a demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you will see what the possibilities and risks are, then you can decide whether crypto trading is a route that you want to pursue.

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3 thoughts on “MASSIVE SCAM: CoinbotLab review

  1. Also, after belatedly , looking closely at their emails
    “ Please make sure that all documents are in full color, with all four edges visible and with high quality resolution. Blurry documents, electronic signatures and screenshots will not be approved due to security reasons. “
    This is far more than needed for identification , therefore pointing , directly , at their need to make high quality reproductions : ie indentity theft .

  2. Extract : sent to FCA , UK ” They are asking for and accepting money deposits without any prior , definitive registration process . AFTER they have the money , they let you know the withdrawal procedure . If you wish to withdraw , whether or not you have made any transactions – I had not – you are faced with identification requests as to .. driving licence , your address on a received official document : front and back of your bank card ..
    These were sent , by me , as per the request , by email attachments : these were all , perfectly clear as to my identification . This produced – “ withdrawal rejected : documents missing ..”
    They want them “ in color ” ( colour ) : they refused the money-withdrawal on the basics of the black and white documents , not being in colour . “

  3. How much chance have you of withdrawal from this scam I wonder I made the slip up and have put in for a withdrawal but what is noticeable is you never receive emails from them

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