MASSIVE SCAM: Crowd Profits review

Read this Crowd Profits review to see how we expose this advertisement scam.

Crowd Profits reviewCrowd Profits promises you $4,000 weekly in profits thanks to investments into advertising.

They claim that you can participate in ad campaigns of big companies and make money. As simple as that. But how it is supposed to really work?

Crowd Profits scam

Lately we have seen a lot of advertisement scams and we still cannot get our heads around why people fall for them.

You don’t need to be experienced in marketing to see that the proposition of Crowd Profits is a total nonsense.

We all know that advertisers buy advertising space to promote their products. It has worked like this for ages, internet hasn’t changed much to this basic principle, everything is just digital.

So, how could you possibly participate in this process and make money? Are you an advertiser? Or an owner of a website where advertisers could place their ads? As you can see, the Crowd Profits scam makes no sense.

You just cannot buy your way into ad campaigns of big companies and make money. If you have a website that gets visitors, you can let others place ads on it, but you certainly won’t share your profits with third parties like Crowd Profits.

To cut the story short, Crowd Profits is a scam, the same as Adcode for example.

How it really works

Adsbanc scamCrowd Profits is just another promo website for the Adsbanc scam. Adsbanc is a scam website that will collect money from people and promise profits thanks to advertising. But nothing will happen, you will just lose your money.

It is as simple as that.

Crowd Profits review conclusion

Crowd Profits is just one of many ridiculous scam that hide behind fake advertising, stay away from it!

If you are not a website owner, you cannot make money in internet advertising

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  1. Good day, I saw on one of the comment the a lady have to pay an additional fund so she could withdraw her profit, the company 24expertbantary ask me 7 times to do payments, finally they said I could withdraw my profit, I was so existed (I just want to say that I gave all my savings, the reason …. i need an operation )
    Then i got an email….. I said I must pay $2500 to the 3rd party. I don’t have that kind of money. So I lost everything. DO NOT INVEST IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE COMPANY.

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