MEDIOCRE SCAM: Specter Finance review

This Specter Finance reveals that this binary options robot is a scam that you should stay away from.

Specter Finance is a binary options trading signals service. The signals are allegedly based on expert analysis and highly advanced mathematical formulas.

Specter Finance signals are allegedly accurate, which makes us assume that they should earn you money. And for free, because you can get them for free. But don’t do it!

Specter Finance scam

The reality is that Specter Finance is just one of many, many binary options scams based on the White Label Robot. For example recently we have reviewed Free Robot Signals, Robot Binario and Easy Autotrading scams that are based on this same software.

The most dangerous aspect of this software is that it has a built-in demo that is trading with profits, but they are fake. It is because the robot uses a fake price feed to create profits that are not real.

This demo is currently not on in Specter Finance, but can be anytime in the future. When it is, don’t trust it!

At this time Specter Finance wants you to immediately deposit money in order to activate the software, so it is not even free. And it would be a very bad idea to deposit money and let an anonymous robot trade with it since the beginning!

How it truly works

As you can see, the aim of Specter Finance is to make you deposit money with one of the brokers from a specific list. This list is made of brokers that pay people who run this program to refer new depositors. This is how it works.

So if you deposit through Specter Finance, scammers will earn a commission, which is what they are after. And then the robot will trade with your money and lose it. Simple as that.


Specter Finance is an average scam based on a robot that is known to be losing money in real trading. Stay away from it!

You can open a genuine free demo account with a regulated broker and learn how to really make with binary options. It takes time and patience to build a profitable strategy.

But it is the safest way, because free robots are all scams.

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