MINING SCAM: Coinsext review

CoinsextIn this review we expose the Coinsext scam that pretends to be about cryptocurrencies mining.

Coinsext claims to be a startup dedicated to mining. It started with bitcoin mining and added litecoin and ethereum. It supposedly is the world’s top bitcoin mining pool.

There are three mining programs that can allegedly make you 10% daily (bitcoin), 12% daily (litecoin) or 15% daily (ethereum). This means up to 450% per month. Is it the real deal?

Coinsext scam

Fake mining plansThe truth is that it has never been possible to make 15% daily or anything close to that in mining. More so these days, because crypto prices are far away from their all-time highs. Nowadays you would happy to breakeven (cover your costs) in one year.

This means only one thing, Coinsext is a scam that is not doing any real crypto mining.

It is obvious that Coinsext is a Ponzi scheme. During the first days or weeks it will use deposits to pay out some profits. But quickly withdrawals will be bigger than money coming into the system, so Coinsext will collapse and people will lose money.

This is how these scams works, they always last for a limited period of time and then disappear.

And don’t let them fool you by the fact that they have tax registration in the UK, you won’t be able to track the real owners of the company down to get your money back when the whole thing goes down.


Coinsext is a scam that is going to collapse sooner or later, stay away from it!

It is very hard to make money in crypto mining today, but you can try crypto trading instead. If you are interested check the free trading demo to see how it works.

Please understand that in trading you can earn, but also lose money, all depends on your strategy. So, be responsible.

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