MINING SCAM: Crypto Source review

Crypto Source official websiteIn this review you will learn that Crypto Source is not what is supposed to be, it is a scam.

Crypto Source is supposed to be a mining program. You buy a miner package, which means that you essentially rent hardware power, and get paid.

Crypto source is promising up to 5% daily, which means 150% monthly. Is it really possible?

Crypto Source scam

Investment plans make no senseCrypto mining is not a thing that you could google in a few seconds. Legit companies often don’t say right away how much you could make with their mining programs. And there is a good reason for that.

Because in reality when you rent mining hardware, you will be happy if you break even after six months with a one or two-year plan. It means that the first six months you will essentially be just covering your costs, only then you will start making some small profits.

Let’s put it simply, it is absolutely impossible to make 5% per day in cryptocurrency mining. Therefore Crypto Source plans are obviously not based on real mining.

Empty company

The warranty is fakeCrypto Source is a registered company in the UK, but you have to realize that it was established only in November last year. And we are sure that it won’t last a single year.

Why? Because as we said, they are not mining cryptocurrencies, it is a scam that will quickly disappear. There is no mining hardware, no employees, nothing. So, forget also about the warranty, you deposit will not be covered by anything at all!

How it really works

Crypto Source is just another Ponzi scheme hiding behind cryptocurrencies. At the beginning new deposits will be used to pay profits. This will work until withdrawals exceed deposits, then the system will collapse, and people will lose money.

This is how these scams work, you never know when, but you know for sure that they are going to collapse.


Crypto Source is a scam, there is no crypto mining going on. Stay away from it!

Mining can make you some money, but very slowly. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, try trading them. You can start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Be sure to understand all the risk associated with trading before you start investing real money.

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