MINING SCAM: Hashperium review

Hashperium official webThis review explains that Hashperium is a scam that has nothing to do with cryptocurrency mining.

Hashperium claims to be a company that is focused on Bitcoin mining. It is selling mining (hash) power, so you can buy it and allegedly profit from Bitcoin mining.

The profits are huge, you can allegedly make 11% per day, which means tripling your capital every month. Is it real?

Hashperium scam

Scam planUnfortunately, Hashperium is not a real mining company, it is a scam. Hashperium is not doing any crypto mining, it is just a Ponzi scheme that is collecting money from people.

How do we know that? Because it is impossible to make 11% per day in Bitcoin mining, it is physically impossible. With current prices you would be very happy to do that per month.

Hashperium is in reality a Ponzi scheme that collects money and might pay some profits at the beginning, but with money from new deposits.

This means that the scheme will collapse as soon as there is not enough deposits to pay the profits.

Hashperium is a company old just a few weeks and it will disappear within a few weeks or months.


Hasperium is not a cryptocurrency mining company, it is an investment scam. Stay away from it!

Cryptocurrency mining is not very rentable, you can try crypto trading instead. You can try a free demo for that.

But remember that trading is risky, you can make, but also lose money.

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16 thoughts on “MINING SCAM: Hashperium review

  1. yeah i put in the deposit amount all of a sudden the site is gone lol they took my money and my earnings hahaha what earnings

  2. It’s cool. Completely fake they give lucrative offer only but once you will deposit money after you will get nothing. Please guys don’t sign up else you will loose your hard earned money.

  3. Yes begining #hashperium pay..then they start stop pay btc…i just try a few btc…and after a few days..they stop pay…please dont invest in this scam!!!!!

  4. i just pay out From Hashperium Frnds just see once and i will credited within one hour

    Payout Proof :

    ID Date & Time Transaction link Amount withdrawn Status
    #7486 2018-03-13 11:52:30 a725fd6e5d0654287b545ec8efc35f48edf429a7629f1c7a9a845aca2c6d568d 0.00036834 BTC Done

    ***Affiliate link deleted by admin***

  5. Correct! I agree with you. hashperium is scam. as well as youhash, which are not available since today.

  6. Have a logic look at it:
    They give you 135 ghs free on start, but when you have used that free power to mine say 150,000 Satoshi, you cannot withdraw that.
    They request you to first pay them 150,000 Satoshi before they will allow you to withdraw your 150,000 Satoshi.
    A fraud doesn’t become any more obvious than that.

  7. Just out of curiosity i have very good math on bitcoin mining as the 11% is due to the market drop diffs will be lowered per block untill it rises now as long as they own hardware and make a payout all will be good im going to take my 135 ghs and buy more speed and wait till i get 1 bitcoin and if it works it makes ……but we shall see

    But sir or ma’am you dont have a real argument because your claim lacks evidence

    However i will remain skeptical untill they show me the $$$$ and i have a chance to not invest and make cash sooooo we’ll just have to see

    1. Evidence is facts, you can’t make 11% per day in Bitcoin mining, that’s the reality, do your own research. You have to realize that 11% per since the first day means that the true percentage would have to be at least 30%, because you have to buy hardware and Hashperium would not do it for free, would they? And 30% is a totally absurd number. For some calculations you can for example check: – you will see that the hardware cost and electricity costs would make it barely possible to break even after one year…

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