MINING SCAM: Multiminer review

See in this Multiminer review how the mining plans are impossible and scam by default.

Multiminer reviewMultiminer is a bitcoin mining program. The theory is that you buy hardware power with your bitcoins and then get the rewards from mining. It is supposed to be a typical cloud mining service.

Currently there are four mining plans with rewards up to 1.58% daily. And you can get even more by referring other people to the program, there is 8% available in total across three levels of the referral program.

Multiminer scam

Multiminer scamLet’s kick this Multiminer review with some basic numbers. 1.58% daily means 47.4% per month. And this is a totally ridiculous number not only for crypto mining, but also for any business in the world.

No legitimate business can make you a steady 47% per month, it is just impossible. World’s best investment funds will make this in a year, not in a month.

It has never been possible to make that much in crypto mining, let alone now when the price of bitcoin is relatively low, while the mining difficulty is at its highest. In the current conditions you would be lucky to break even after one year of real mining.

In other words, Multiminer is a scam, because it offers returns that are not possible. So, what is the real purpose of this program? Continue reading…

How it truly works

Multiminer testimonialsMultiminer is a scam that probably runs as a Ponzi scheme. It means that money is just being redistributed within the system, newer deposits are used for the latest payouts.

As you can guess, such a system can work for only as long as new deposits keep growing fast. But there will always be the moment when there is not enough new depositors and the system will crumble.

To make it clear, if it has not happened yet, it is only a matter of time before Multiminer collapses and people find out that all the money is gone.

Multiminer review conclusion

Multiminer is a scam. It is not a mining program, no mining is done, just an illegal financial game is running. Stay away from it!

As we already said, it almost impossible to make money in bitcoin mining, but if you wish to try trading instead, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

If you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand that you can make profits, but also have losses, so be careful and responsible.


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