MISSING PROOF: Forex Breakout Bot review

Forex Breakout BotWe review the Forex Breakout Bot and conclude that something is not adding up with this system.

Forex Breakout Bot is a Forex trading system that will trade sudden changes of price momentum and levels, in other words price breakouts.

It allegedly will revolutionize your trading success in just 30 days. The price of this system is $77. Is it worth it?

Beware of Forex Breakout Bot

The usual remark we have to do here is that Forex Breakout Bot is an anonymous trading system provided by somebody who certainly is not licensed to sell trading systems.

Our opinion is that since the system can trade for you automatically, it is an investment service that needs to be licensed. Check it with your national financial regulator.


No proofBut the thing that caught our attention the most is the claim that the results of Forex Breakout Bot are proven.

Where are the proofs? They show a screenshot from MyFXbook, but the problem is that there is no trading system of this name (only Forex Breakout Bot2 and Forex Breakout Bot3) active on MyFXbook.

So, either the proof is fake, or the robot was deleted because of bad results. In any case it is a big red flag that says a lot about the honesty of the seller.

All in all, there is no proof that Forex Breakout Bot is working. And to be honest, we have never seen a trading system that is free or that costs a few tens or hundreds of dollars that would be profitable.

And it is only logical, because when you have a profitable system that can make you very rich, you don’t sell it to the public for a few bucks. The first reason being that the more people use the same trading system, the more it becomes vulnerable.


The alleged proof that Forex Breakout Bot is profitable is fake, therefore we recommend staying away from this trading system.

Stop searching for ready-made systems that will make you rich. Trading is about learning and building your own profitable strategy, it requires you to acquire certain skills. You can try it on a free demo account.

Also, realize that in trading you will have both profits and losses, so be careful with your money management.

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