MLM SCAM: One Way Trading review

One Way TradingWe researched One Way Trading and in our review we reveal our findings.

One Way Trading is a Bahrain based investment program. The company allegedly trades Forex and cryptocurrencies with high success. You are supposed to earn up to 2.8% daily on weekdays.

There is also a multi-level structure that allows you to earn money by referring other people to the system. There are big rewards in this referral system, you allegedly can even get a Ferrari.

One Way Trading scam

No real contact informationThe first thing we analyzed is the One Way Trading company. And we were quickly done. Because they provide no contact information, they just say they are located in Bahrain.

There is no company identification number, no phone, nothing. In reality One Way Trading is anonymous and we strongly doubt that there is a real company behind it.

The conclusion here must be that it is an illegal investment program, since it is not authorized by any regulator.

Unrealistic returns

Investing plans2.8% every working day means more than 60% per month, which is totally impossible with any legitimate company and/or trading program, at least in the long term.

This alone means that One Way Trading is a scam. The whole program obviously just plays with deposits from people who are entering the system. There is no real Forex or crypto trading going on, at least no profitable trading.

They might pay out some profits using new deposits, but the system cannot last for long, since it operates as a Ponzi scheme.

The multi-level structure is here just to incentivize people to bring in more referrals, but everything is doomed to collapse, it can happen any time.


One Way Trading is an obvious scam, don’t put any money into it, it will collapse sooner or later.

If you want to try Forex and/or crypto trading to see what profits are really possible, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You have to build a profitable strategy before being able to invest real money.

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