MONSTER SCAM: Bitcoin Bank review

Bitcoin Bank official websiteIn this review we explain why Bitcoin Bank is an investment scam that you should stay away from. It is led by Marvin Deen Freeman.

BitcoinBank claims to be a cryptobank with payment cards, wallet and an investing feature through crypto lending.

BitcoinBank has its own cryptocurrency, the BTCB coin. The trading software can allegedly make your investment grow every day by 0.000005 BTC.

Bitcoin Bank scam

Bitcoin Bank is just another crypto lending scam. These scams are basically modified Ponzi schemes with worthless crypto coins. This scheme has been made known by the Bitconnect scam that started last year a spectacularly failed this year.

When somebody claims that their trading robots will make you a fixed profit every day in cryptos, you know you dealing with a scam. It is impossible to make guaranteed daily returns with cryptos.

Fake team

The team is fakeWe examined the alleged team that is behind Bitcoin Bank, but everything is fake. Profiles are totally made up, there is a few new LinkedIn profiles with no history, stolen photos are used, etc.

Check our picture to see a proof. This woman has nothing to do with Bitcoin Bank, she is a French journalist and her real name is Aude Lancelin.

Warning from a regulator

BCSC warningBitcoin Bank is offering investment services, this is a fact. But the team is fake and real owner remain anonymous. Bitcoin Bank is not registered anywhere, it has no license whatsoever. Therefore, it is operating illegally.

The British Columbia Securities Commission has already published a warning about Bitcoin Bank, but you can ask any regulator in any country and they will confirm the same findings.

How it really works

Lending scamAs we already mentioned, Bitcoin Bank is a Ponzi scheme. They will force you to buy their worthless Crypto BTCB. Then you will “invest” it, but in reality there will be no trading going on.

They will just pay some profits with money from new deposits to attract more people to the system.

When owners of Bitcoin Bank are satisfied with the money they collected, they will run away with everything and people will be left with empty hands. That’s how it works.


Bitcoin Bank is a scam that abuses the popularity wave of cryptocurrencies, it’s a Ponzi scheme designed to steal your money. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in crypto trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will have to build your own investment strategy, nobody will make you money for free.

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