MONSTER SCAM: FidelityGain review

This Fidelity Gain review is a warning against both the broker and the investment program.

Fidelity Gain reviewFidelityGain has two websites, one is offering brokerage services, the other cryptocurrency investment services.

The broker will let you trade currencies, stocks and cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is $500.

The investment program has three plans with 30% daily returns. Can you believe it?

FidelityGain scam

There is one thing we would like to make clear right at the beginning of this review, FidelityGain is a scam.

Unauthorized broker

Let’s start with the FidelityGain broker. It doesn’t provide any address, which already is a huge red flag. Our research has shown that the broker is not registered anywhere, it is unregulated.

It means that it cannot operate legally in most countries of the world. With unregulated brokers deposits are not protected, this is a fact that you have to bear in mind.

Illegal and scam investment service

FidelityGain investment scamThe FidelityGain investment service is an obvious scam too. You have these absurd plans with up to 30% daily returns, which means 900% monthly, which is absolutely insane and impossible to achieve in real trading.

Then you have the fact that again, FidelityGain is not registered nor licensed anywhere. It provides a link to a registration page of a UK company of a different name that has already been dissolved.

FidelityGain is an unauthorized and therefore illegal investment service.

How it works

It is obvious that Fidelity Gain is a pure scam that will just take your money and give you nothing. This is valid for both the broker and the investment service.

Not only the investment plans are totally unreal, the company also lies about its registration, which proves that it is a total scam.

Fidelity Gain review conclusion

Stay away from FidelityGain, because it is an illegal investment service and broker with scam investment plans!

For investing and trading you should always use regulated brokers. We suggest starting on a demo account and trying everything the safe way with virtual money.

Forget about big daily returns, it’s pure fiction that only scammers are willing to offer.

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