MONSTER SCAM: Financial Sentiment review

Financial Sentiment official webThis review proves that Financial Sentiment is an investment scam. It is presented by Noah Hastings and Daniel Watanabe.

Financial Sentiment is supposed to be a program that will give you access to a trading software called Stockbit. This software is allegedly capable of earning you $738 daily and up to $4,395 weekly.

And for this kind of earnings you don’t have anything to do, learn or pay, because everything is free and working on autopilot. Does it sound strange? Of course, it does!

Financial Sentiment scam

We needed just a few seconds to realize that Financial Sentiment is a scam. Because it is using the same video as the Stockbit scam that we exposed back in 2016. So, Financial Sentiment is basically the same scam with a new name.

Daniel Watanabe

All made with paid actorsWatanabe is supposed to be one of the people who created Bitcoin under the name Satoshi Nakamato. But it is a lie, nobody knows who Nakamoto really is.

And scammers who run Financial Sentiment admit that they made their story up. Just check their disclaimer, they say they used paid actors in the video, nothing is real, the story is pure fiction!

Fake results

Trading results are fakeOn the Financial Sentiment website you can see a table with alleged live trading results. It is showing a lot of profits, but they are fake.

Because the trades show returns up to 600%, which is really impossible to get in current bitcoin markets with a responsible strategy.

All the testimonials are of course fake too.

How they get your money

They want your depositFinancial Sentiment and the Stockbit program are supposed to be free, but they are not. As you can see on our picture, the first thing you will have to do after registering is to deposit money with a broker that will be dictated upon you.

This broker is TradeTime and it is not regulated, which is a big red flag. And it works like this: if you deposit, scammers who run Financial Sentiment will get paid by the broker for referring you, meanwhile their software will quickly lose your money.


Financial Sentiment is a scam, a recycled one. It wants you to lose your money with a crappy broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to make money in crypto trading, start on a free demo account with a regulated to see how it works.

On the demo you will be able to see risk free if you are able to learn to trade profitable.

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