MONSTER SCAM: Netfix review

Read our review of Netfix to understand that this is a scam that you have to stay away from.

Netfix reviewNetfix is crypto program that promises to make you money, at least 6 – 18% per month thanks to a trading robot.

There also is a referral program that allegedly can make your income even greater. Additional percentage is available to holder of the NFT cryptocurrency that is proprietary to this program.

Is this a legitimate income opportunity?

Netfix is a scam

Netfix i.Robot scamWe know that to a lot of people 6 – 18% might not seem too much, but it really is for a crypto robot that is arbitrage trading like Netfix’s i.Robot. The best investment funds won’t make that much, so forget about a free and anonymous robot doing it for you.

Also, you have to realize that arbitrage opportunities are very limited, they are quickly used by professional robots and there is no space for a lot of people trading them. Different crypto prices on exchanges are there always for certain amounts that get quickly drained out.

According to Nefix, 18% month is not the maximum, because you can get 10% on your referrals’ deposits across multiple levels. This is the typical scam element, you get paid to bring more victims to the system.

This is because the Netfix scam is operating a Ponzi scheme, which means that it needs more and more deposits in order not to collapse too soon.

Illegal scheme

Nefix TestimonialsNot only Netfix runs an illegal investment scheme, it also is an unauthorized service. Since it is promising returns on investments, it is an investment service that needs a licence.

But Netfix is totally anonymous and not regulated, which means that it is illegal in every aspect.

All the features of the program are fake, everything is just a fairy tale to make it look legit, but it is not. It is just a dirty money game that is sure to collapse, the only question is when.

Netfix review conclusion

Netfix is an absolute scam that will just collect money and make people cry, stay away from it!

In crypto trading you should rely on genuine cryptocurrencies and regulated brokers. And start on a free demo so that you can try it risk free with virtual money.

Don’t forget though, that with real money you will be exposed to risks you have to understand.

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