MONSTROUS SCAM: Bitcoin Machine review

In our review we prove that Bitcoin Machine is a horrible scam that has nothing in common with real cryptocurrency trading.

ReviewBitcoinMachine has a pretty common introduction that says that it is a group reserved to people who are making money with cryptocurrencies, namely with bitcoin. This group supposedly is so successful that it is creating new millionaires.

You can become a member of the group for free and get the automated trading app they use to trade bitcoin. But is it worth your time?

Bitcoin Machine is a scam

ScamUnfortunately, not only Bitcoin Machine is not worth your time, it also is a very dangerous scam that you really have to stay away from.

When we first saw it, we have immediately identified a known scam that has many shapes and forms. Just take a look at our picture and you will see that it is out there under names like Bitcoin Future, Bitcoin Trader or Bitcoin Storm.

Every time it is the exact same scam, just name changes. Which has its own advantages, because we have a lot of information about how it really works and what you can expect from it.

Unreal trading results

ResultsThe first think that might strike you when browsing the BitcoinMachine’s website is the trading results of the system. Because seemingly there are winning trades only, which is nothing short of a miracle.

But beware, these trading results are fake, in reality the system is losing many. We have reviewed it several times, so we know it for sure. A strong hint is that the trading pair ETH/LTC (ether/litecoin) is not traded anywhere on the market, yet Bitcoin Machine shows it among its trades.

Testimonials and review of BitcoinMachine

TestimonialSpeaking of fake things, Bitcoin Machine testimonials that are presented on its website are of course not real. And it is easy to prove.

Not only they contain stock photos, but these same testimonials have been used across different variants of this scam, they rarely change, fraudsters just keep copying and pasting them everywhere.

The truth

Now we have to explain how Bitcoin Machine wants to scam you, so that you can avoid it and stay safe. The most important thing is to never send them money.

Because this is what they want, of course. Right when you sign up they will tell you that you have to deposit at least 250 dollars with a broker of their choice, which of course will be shady and unregulated.

If you send them money, they will share it between them and tell you it was lost in trading. They will tell that it is due to unfortunate circumstances and that you have to deposit again to really start earning. But every deposit with them will be lost, so don’t do it!


Bitcoin Machine is a filthy scam that just wants your money, stay away from it as far as possible!

If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, first get a free demo account that will allow you to trade with virtual money, which is risk free.

You have to understand the risks of real trading and prepare a solid strategy before eventually investing for real.

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