MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS: Optionbot 3.0 review

optionbot3One of the oldest binary options scams is back in its third version, here is the review of OptionBot 3.

We missed OptionBot 1 back in 2012, but we reviewed OptionBot 2 in 2014. It was one of our first reviews of a scam, because we could not believe the amount of fake reviews that was circulating about this program.

Since then hundreds of new binary options scams came to the scene and we kept on exposing them, because the vast majority of binary options websites still publishes fake reviews. So when we first saw Optionbot 3, it kind of made us remember the starting point of our fight against scams.

OptionBot 3.0 is a scam

So what is Optionbot about? It is a binary options robot that will trade for you. The presentation doesn’t say much, but the assumption is that the robot is here to make you money. It is all about the software.

You can get a demo to test the robot, but here is the biggest catch. It fakes results! It is one of the most disgusting tricks of scammers, they provide you with a fake demo to make you believe their software works. But when you start trading with real money, the robot will lose your deposit, because real trades obviously cannot be faked.

Look at the following video, you will one example of a trade that should have been a looser, but OptionBot 3 faked it to a winner.

This trick is now widely used by a lot of binary options robots. The software either manipulates the price feed or just rewrites the results.

How it really works

People usually ask why do scammers bother with putting out a trading software for free when it is losing money? The answer is simple. They are affiliated with some binary options brokers, so they are getting paid for sending new depositing clients to these brokers. Optionbot 3 is no different.

But how to convince a beginner to open an account with a specific broker and deposit money into it? You create a software that will force the user to do it. And then you just need to convince people that this software will make them money although it will not. You have to lie and hide the truth. This is how OptionBot 3.0 works.


Optionbot 3 is a typical scam that is trying to fool you with fake demo results. But if you let it trade with your own money, it will lose it.

You can try a genuine free binary options demo to see how trading really works. There you can really learn how to make money with binary options.

And forget about free money making robots, they do not exist!

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37 thoughts on “MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS: Optionbot 3.0 review

  1. Hey i have a question to everybody. What broker do you use in OptionBot 3 and what expierence do you have with OptionBot 3 and your Broker.

        1. Hi Samuel, they have numerous brokers I’d go with 24 Option as the number 1 choice, best of luck.

          1. Stay away, Optionbot is a scam. Moreover 24option is not even a binary options broker…

      1. Hi John, show your ignorance it’s only in the last couple of months 24 Option have considered changing to main markets CFD’s ETF’s etc. They started out as Binary Options broker it says in the name 24 Option duh, or haven’t you attended school as your word is gospel.

        1. As you say, it’s been months they are no longer doing binary options, which proves my point.

          1. Never said months, couple of months is what I said there is a difference, anyway we come to the same conclusion they’re moving away from binary slowly.

  2. I have actually given you a bit of my time and watched your =ahem= review of optionbot. You clicked one button. I am amazed at the technical level and research you went through to produce this top level review on the basis of that single button click and the fact you managed to get that wrong. YOU ONLY HAD TO PRESS ONE BUTTON! If you wish to completely convince anyone, you would show a video of the autotrader you claim this software has. If you can’t then the credibility of this review is in the gutter. You have not shown any proofs of your findings, you dont even have to make a video, just screen shots of this autotrader being setup to autotrade. I would pay good money to see this happen, which of course it wont because it cant. I await your childish reply.

    1. Our review is provided as it is, either you come to the same conclusion or you don’t. Either you stay away from Optionbot or you believe there is free money in this world and you invest your money with Optionbot. I sincerely don’t care about what you do. Our reviews are here to help people not to lose money. Either they accept our help or they don’t, either way it won’t change a thing for us. Anybody doubting our conclusion can go and invest their money with Optionbot.

    2. Hi Steve, don’t listen to anything this guy tells you as he’s the biggest fraud there is, and the worst kind, pretending to help you then asks for a donation in Bitcoins. To me this amounts to begging in this modern day and age. He is the worst kind of sc*m there is, and you’re better off ignoring him. Oh yes he claims he has all the proof, just imagine if he was a lawyer he’d lose each and every case as he has no concrete proof to show us. Absolutely nothing and when you disagree with him he tries to be-little you and be aggressive because he’s the guilty party.

      1. Yes Steve, listen to David, Optionbot guys want to make you a millionaire for free. They have a profitable trading software that they could sell for millions, so why not give it away absolutely free? Money is always free, right? 😀

  3. John Novak who the hell do you think you are calling innocent people in print of being scammers, liars and crooks basically is way out of order. Why are you being so abusive I thought people like you in these websites liked the debates, hearing other people’s comments. But I am not going to be called a scammer, liar crook just because you can’t tell the difference between an auto trader (ROBOT), and a software that gives you trends and signals where you trade on support and resistance. I don’t care what you think of Option Bot, but calling innocent people scammers liars and cheats is not on at all. You’re sheer lack of intelligence makes you look silly, childish and wanting your own way, leave your toys in the pram next time you reply to someone’s comment.

  4. Such a full of sh*t review. I’ve used optionbot 2 and 3, 2 was a trend indicator, it didn’t come much in the way of instructions on how to use it, but it did whatit said it would, and it didn’t trade my money away, something an IQ robot did to be earlier this month, and I see you have their banners all over your childish hate blog.

    Optionbot 3, the demo isn’t a good indication on its true success, but it doesn’t make any false claims, and the full version isn’t at all bad, it’s more of a trading skin than anything else with a few advantages over using the broker direct.

    I had an account with banc de binary for optionbot 3 and they called me in December to tell me to get my money out because they had noticed the true expiry on optionbot being different to that of my bdb account, a month later bdb comes clean and closes down.

    As for your replies to others like me saying it’s clearly not a scam, you’re just saying “yeah yeah” like a petulant child with a vicious tonge and no credible substance to your review.

    I believe you sir are the scammer, just trying to push your preferred brokers whilst pissing over someone else’s fire to get people there.

    1. Hi Optionbot affiliate. The funny thing about you scammers is that it is very easy to prove you wrong. Optionbot 2 was “doing what it said it would”? Well, I did not notice it said it would open a lot of trades at the same time on the same asset in both directions, which means guaranteed losses. See the proof in the Optionbot 2 review. But if you guys like losing money, I now understand your posts 😀

      Concerning Optionbot 3, I think we provided enough proofs about the fake demo. A demo that opens trades, but does not explicitly say if it was a Put or Call, is made to hide the real performance. But the main thing is, that you scammers want us to believe that there are free money making programs, that there is free money. So we only need common sense to see through your programs. If Optionbot was a profitable software, let alone free profitable software, you would see it appearing on TV and all the related media, like WSJ, Bloomberg, Barron’s etc. Yet after all those years we only see it on binary options blogs with reviews with affiliate links…

      Concerning IQ Option robots, it was a development platform for automating strategies. The broker provided just the platform. So if somebody used the platform the develop a robot that you used, blame that person. It is like when somebody runs you over with a car, you blame the driver, not the car manufacturer. Anyway, IQ Option robots are a thing of the past, the broker closed it down.

      And to reply to your accusations, here is a little comparison:
      1) Optionbot says: We will make you money for free, just deposit money with our broker (so that we get our affiliate commission for referring you)
      2) We say: There is no free money, Optionbot was created just to generate affiliate commissions to its owners. If you want to try binary options, do it on a genuine free demo with a regulated broker (which by definition generates no money to anybody, because it is free)

      So, who is probably lying to make money in this?

      1. It works fine for me no problems, I have tested a huge amount of auto traders and all are to unreliable placing a put trade when the trend is upwards. However, with Option Bot I know where I am going from the start, and once you learn to identify support and resistance it performs very well, far better than any auto trader for me. This is my opinion so far so good.

        1. In other words you have to learn to trade by yourself to be profitable. This is what we are saying all the time, no robot will make you money, you have to learn. Thanks for your fake review.

          1. Fake review why? I’m only giving you my honest opinion, but hey, what’s the use you only want people that agree with you. I’ve given a genuine honest comment and when people disagree with you get abusive. By the “fake review” comment, it takes one to know one. All of you lot with your expert reviews are the same, write an honest opinion and you slag it off, at least you publish all comments, all the others don’t. What a bunch of clowns. HA HA HA HA.

          2. Fake review because anybody who says that Optionbot works is a liar and scammer. You see, it does not take rocket science to know that it MUST be a scam. Optionbot is a free robot that allegedly makes money. But money is the opposite of free. This world’s economy is based on money. Should Optionbot work, it would mean that money has become free. It would make the economy collapse. Money cannot be free, it would have no value. Period. Besides in this review and it the review of the previous version we provide enough proofs of Optionbot being scam. Not to mention that all the idiots with their fake positive reviews use the same arguments, so it is probably just one idiot using different names. Should Optionbot really work, real trading newspapers and magazines would be full of it. But there is not a single positive review of Optionbot outside blogs in real media. I really have no patience with criminals like you that either scam people directly or help other people to scam others. You are making people lose money. You can be sure that sooner or later you will feel the consequences, because this is how quantum universe works, what you put in, you get out. So when shi* hits you, you will know where it comes from.

      2. John Novak, seems you’ve deleted my last comment you accuse innocent people in print might I add of being scammers, liars, crooks basically and being affiliates to Option Bot. To me that is slander!! and you are way out of order, who do you think you are accusing innocent people. People have a right to comment,just because they don’t agree with you there’s no need to be poisonous back with childish remarks. You cannot be that good at reviewing, you can’t tell the difference between an auto trading robot, and software that gives you trends and signals. They never claim to be an auto trader, it identifies Support & Resistance then you place trades manually, or is that too hard for you to understand. If you want to earn respect as a blogger then you need to grow up and stop throwing your toys out of your pram!!!

        1. You sure are just an honest guy with no financial interest in Optionbot, since you are fighting so hard for it instead of making money with it. Anyway, you can say as many lies as you want, but there is a video in our review that shows the Optionbot demo. In this video you can see that Optionbot is not what you say, it is a robot that trades semi-automatically, it has buttons that say “Trade me!”, you just have to click on them and the robot trades for you. And the demo is faking results, because when it opens a trade, it doesn’t say in which direction, it only says at expiry that it was a winner. Your lies won’t change anything on these facts that are captured in the video.

          And you know the saying “follow the money”. So a quick reminder, if somebody starts trading with Optionbot, the anonymous guys behind Optionbot will earn an affiliate commission from their broker. Meanwhile no matter if this same person trust our review or doesn’t, he or she won’t earn us a single cent by trading or not trading with Optionbot.

          1. What I don’t like is you calling me a liar, scammer making out i’m getting paid a commission from Option bot. That is why I will answer you back every day, no one, and I mean no one can accuse me when I am innocent, that is slander!!!! I don’t care what you say about Option bot, but don’t ever call me a liar cheat and scammer when you haven’t got a clue who I am. You are acting disgracefully on here hurling abuse at innocent people, acting like a spoilt brat because we stand up against people like you. From now on keep your toys in your pram before answering any comments!!!

          2. I don’t care about what you like or not, you published a comment with a fake review, so you are a liar and a scammer. I proved that by the contrast between how you described Optionbot and what is the reality captured in our video in our review. By endorsing Optionbot you are trying to help Optionbot to get new victims that will lose their money. So you certainly are not innocent.

    2. Optionbot is a scam, I lost 500 with it. I wish I found this review before depositing money.

    3. yes i give you my respect.for me i think the same.all this sites are scam since they ( im sure) getting money to banner they.

  5. Hi John
    I can confirm from experience that your review is spot on. From the demo you can see yourself becoming a millionaire in no time but once you signgup and make your deposit with one of their scammy brokers you see a completely different picture. You experience loss after loss. When you contact support they just ignore you like the typical scammers.
    John, keep up your good work of expossing these scammers who rob inocent people of their hard earnt money and tarnish the image of the binary options industry. Its about time these scums started earning an honest living
    Thanks again and have a great new year

  6. Man , i’m new when it comes to trading but you are a step below. This is NOT an auto trader . You pick the call or put trades yourself. You have completely misinterpreted the demo which admittedly does win a lot but its a DEMO. You have based your whole review on something that isn’t real but believe it is. If anything is a scam, it would be your misleading reviews. Shame sites like this can’t be reported or shut down.

    1. Yeah, yeah, a person new to trading immediately understands that Optionrobot is the real deal and that our review is damaging the reputation of a software that gives free money to everybody and will end the poverty in the world… 😀

      Optionbot is run by known scammers and it is a proven scam. Period. Those who believe that there is a free software that can make you money for doing nothing, can go and lose their deposit with Optionbot, no problem for us. We have nothing to gain or lose in this.

      1. Have to agree that it is not an autotrader. This to me says that could not have tried Optionbot 3.0 as you seem to claim. I believe that your review is not a real review at all but one that is based on lies.

        1. You know, you don’t have to believe us, our review, our proofs and feedback of real users of this system saying that it is a scam. You can believe fake reviews from people affiliated with Optionbot, you can believe that free money exists in the shape of free profitable robots and invest your own money with it (and lose it). It won’t change a single thing for us. We are just trying to help people not to fall for these scams. But if you don’t want our help, it is your choice. I repeat, unlike scammers who make money on people falling for Optionbot we won’t make a single cent should you believe our review or not.

          1. can i ask you where is your impressum?
            talking about strange scam,, but i cant find your impressum. thi sis also a part of beeing scam?or may you lokated in cyprus like a lot from this so called binary test sites? and then offer always the best binarys,all lokated in cyprus.till now i can only find side with no impressum and or cyprus lokated once.
            funny isnt it??

          2. I’m sorry but we are receiving threats from scammers who don’t like us exposing them, so we cannot publish details about our identity.

  7. hey i think you got it all wrong. The signals coloured green dont indicate buy signals. The sniper signals below are in different directions. The red one indicates the most reliable at the moment, which is what i have been trading some sometime now and i have recorded wonderful results. ITS NOT A SCAM.

  8. Tropical Trade en Optionbot
    Stay away from Tropical Trade !
    First they do not have a license , so they can do whatever they want .
    And THEY DO !
    Tropical Trade promised a bonus, 5 free winning free trades and a surprise.
    You will got that after you deposit .
    The surprise is: You will get NOTHING .
    Not even an answer !
    And your money is gone !

    Warning !
    Never Trade with OptionBot .
    It is a SCAM.
    Their Demo is a Fraud .
    It is only a misleading simulation.
    The payout is higher than in the real mode
    And you can not lose in the demo.
    In real trading the winning rate is 49% or less.
    So Option Robot is deceptive and a losing game .
    Avoid it !

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