MUST BE A SCAM: Real Mining Solutions review

ReminsolThis review of Real Mining Solutions (RMS or Reminsol) reveals some disturbing facts about this mining program.

Reminsol supposedly is a cryptocurrency mining company, that is willing to share profits with the public. You are supposed to buy some mining (hash) power and get paid regularly, every day.

At this time the value of bitcoin is $5,600, which means that with the Platinum Pack of RMS you can get 1.57% daily on your investment. Plus 15% referral commissions. Is it really possible? We don’t think so.

Unreal numbers

Investment plansFirst, let’s use common sense. 1.57% daily means 47.1% per month and 573% per year. This numbers are totally impossible in any legal and legit business, cryptocurrency mining is not an exception.

Only Ponzi scam schemes offer this kind of numbers. It’s because Ponzi schemes pay out profits from new deposits, until the system collapses because there is not enough new deposits.

Fictitious hash rate

Unreal hash rateReal Mining Solutions claim to have a mining power (hash rate) of 7877 PH/s, which equals to 7.877 EH/s. This would make it the most powerful mining pool in the world.

But it is not true, look at our picture to see top mining pools. So, RMS is clearly lying about the hash rate it has.

Unreal prices

Fictitious pricesReminsol is selling a mining power of 25,000 GH/s for $2,000. It is true that such a hash power would make the profits they promise real. The problem is that such a hash power would cost much, much more in the real world.

Take a look at our comparison with Genesis Mining, which is a real mining company. They sell 100 MH/s for $2,799.

Let’s do the math: 25,000 GH/s of RMS equals to 25,000,000 MH/s. And 25,000,000 divided by 100 equals to 250,000. This means that Real Mining Solutions is selling mining power more than 250,000 times cheaper than Genesis Mining.

Do you think it is possible? Of course not, hardware cannot be bought 250,000 times cheaper! Remember that mining power is determined solely by the power of your hardware.

Dubious company

RMS companyBehind Real Mining Solutions there is a real company registered in the UK, it is called RMS Business Services. It was established in 2015, but since then it’s been having problems.

On the Companies House website, you can see the warning “Accounts overdue”, moreover the tab “Filling history” reveals that there was a compulsory strike-off called against the company and then discontinued.

Another important thing is that the Real Mining Solution website was created only in August 2017, so no proven track record in mining.


Real Mining Solutions must be a scam, there is no other possibility in regard to facts we have presented in our review. Cryptocurrency mining is barely profitable nowadays if you don’t have access to extra cheap electricity.

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you can try trading them. Try a free demo account to see how it works.

But don’t start trading with real money until you have learned all the necessary things and built a profitable strategy. Trading is risky, you can make, but also lose money.

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