MyCashBot scam on binary options

MyCashBot website.

In this article we are going to have a look at a binary options scam called MyCashBot. It promises to automatically trade your account and make you a Millionaire within weeks. For free.

We don’t know about you, but for us it is enough to read again the first paragraph of this article to know that MyCashBot is a scam. If not, within a few months almost everybody on Earth will be Millionaire, right?

The truth is that an open automated binary options trading system that would be profitable in the long run does not exist. In fact, all these systems that are promoted do the opposite, they lose money of people who fall into their trap.

We very strongly suspect that it is a new plan of scam binary options brokers that are not able to get new traders honestly, so they create or associate themselves with these scams that push new traders into their hands.

The first problem are these brokers. Often you will not even find relevant contact information about them, they are not regulated and they refuse withdrawals to their clients for all sort of reasons. So it does not matter what you do or how you trade with them, you will never see your money again.


Want to try MyCashBot on a demo or for free? No way, you first have to make a deposit.

Does MyCashBot differ from all these scam systems? Not really. It brings nothing new. There are false trading account statements, a false countdown of free licences available that will never expire, there are promises that you will become Millionaire within weeks, false awards… We’ve seen everything.

Just look at their alleged awards. What are they? Who awarded them? They are not clickable, no additional information is available. The truth is that these are just graphic games, these awards are fake, they should make you feel secure, but is a pure fraud.

MyCashBot fake awards.


So what would happen if you join MyCashBot? They will force you to deposit money with NRGBinary. They say they are based on Cyprus, so they should be regulated by the CySec, but they are not in their list of regulated investment firms, so it is very suspicious. So it definitely is a broker that you should stay away from. Ask yourself why MyCashBot is spamming you and pushing so hard to make you join for “free”? Why they won’t let you try it for free on a demo account? Because they will make commissions on losses that this system will trade for you.

Trading binary options is a business almost like any other. It is serious. You can make money with it, but you first have to learn it. You most definitely won’t become a Millionaire overnight. Yes, binary options are easy to understand, but they require some time before you master them.

24 thoughts on “MyCashBot scam on binary options

  1. Thanks for this article… actually i almost fall into the trap… thanks for pull me out from the scam trap..

  2. At the beginning of the internet when making money online in any shape or form was impossible people started marketing and selling the idea of ‘making easy money online’, basically selling the idea of making money online became first way to actually make money. 20 years later there are still plenty of stupid people that fall into this types pathetic traps, I mean come on, someone found a way to make shit tons of money without lifting a finger, really? and on top of that he is going to tell you how to do it too, ain’t you the luckiest guy ever? How much brains do you have to fall for this shit, you can’t put the blame solely on the scammers, you fell for it, didn’t you; now you have no one but yourself to blame for that. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH PEOPLE, the sooner you realize that the sooner you’ll actually do something productive to get yourself out the hole you so desperately try to dig! CSAMMERS EXIST ONLY BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE STUPID ENOUGH TO FALL FOR THEIR SCAMS!!! Educate yourself, learn how to think for yourself, learn some since, a profession a foreign language, learn anything, expand your knowledge and many door you didn’t even know existed will open for you!

  3. I am confuse I got involved with a software name ANONYMOUS TRADER and when i click on the FAQ what pops up is MY CASH BOT and doing some research I found out that MY CASH BOT is a 100% scam. HOW SO SCARY IS THAT , THAT THEY HAVE TO GO UNDER ANOTHER DIFFERENT NAME .

  4. I take pleasure in, result in I discovered exactly what I was having
    a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt!

    God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye


    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have received MANY notices for this webinar recently & others, similar to this in the past!! There are FAR TOO many scams online, however, & I am at the point in my life where I have lost ALL patience with their wicked attempts to steal from unsuspecting people like me!!! It pisses me off, to no end, that LIARS & THIEVES would take the time to prey upon those who are seeking a way out of their financial troubles, instead of realizing that they can’ t take the stolen money with them to HELL, after death!!!!

    I say all that simply to say, I do not want, have time, energy, nor money to throw away on ANY MORE BULLSHIT!!! I MUST make a substantial amount of money, like the amount that is claimed in the emails that I have received about this webinar. Nevertheless, I need to know some specific information about this program, such as: what is it; who created it; what are ALL the costs involved; is there verifiable proof of this,”little loophole where many regular people have been making an easy $12,000 PER DAY with virtually no risk;” if so, where is that proof; how soon can that income be generated, after joining????/? Also, are there any evening webinars coming up soon, because I work during the day?

    Will you please write back, quickly, with detailed answers to these questions, so that I know there is a REAL, HONEST, PERSON, behind this program?? Unlike the various SCAMMERS, with their FAKE BANK ACCOUNT SCREEN SHOTS, PAID ACTOR “TESTIMONIALS,” ETC…!!! As usual with ANY KIND OF EVIL, the GOD we PRETEND to love, on religious holidays, (especially the one coming up), KNOWS EVERYTHING, INCLUDING WHO’S SCAMMING WHOM!!! Even if they “get away with it,” here, they WILL NOT, HEREAFTER, IN A LITTLE PLACE CALLED, HELL!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you many times, I was already going in there trap. They press you over phone with tantalizing words, promising heaven for you. Lets fight them.
    We go for these trades simply because we need money and a clean one but these are a group of gangsters, thieves, spammers and call them any dirty name, cross your way with there dirty tricks and deprive you of your hard earned money. Hell and shame to them.
    May God bless you for bringing out this issue and in time. Lets spread the word to the whole world.

  7. Thank you all for spilling the beans about this scam! I was utterly clueless as to whether this system ACTUALLY works or not and was desperate to fund my account in the coming week but I guess I’ll let it pass, now that its become clear to me.. God Bless You All!

  8. When I was trading by myself I was having fun losing money that’s a joke. But up pops my cash bot and Pete says this will be good having fun winning money and that was a joke. So like a real dippy Pete I put more money into my account and you know today I haven’t got any money at all. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  9. Thank you for posting this review .. How sad that there are so many desperate / gullible people out there that fall for these scams & even more sad that these soulless SOB’s are out there waiting to prey on their greed, ignorance and stupidity!

  10. DON’T USE “MYCASHBOT.COM”. They win a few trades and lose most of them. I gave them $250; they’ve lost more than 50% of the trades and needless to say I’m down to under $50. How do they get these “LIARS” to record their promo stating they’ve made millions of dollars? Do these people really sleep at night? All of these scams are promoted by the brokers who get money for people opening accounts. Additionally, binary trading needs more people to join so the brokers and professional traders who know what they’re doing have SUCKERS giving their money away so they can have it. DON’T DO IT!

  11. Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your
    efforts and I am waiting for your next post thank you once again.

  12. I am afraid all these automatic trading bots are not reliable and so is NRG binary. I was silly enough to believe what they posted and deposited much in the account. However, you will have problem when you want to withdrawal. My case was worst , not a single cent refund after three weeks plus no reply or call or explanation when the withdrawal was canceled by NRG. Scam bot with the scammed NRG binary.

  13. I keep getting Spam email from someone advertising “MyCashBot”. I sent one of the emails to the mailer to ask them to stop allowing Spam mail but it didn’t do any good. I suppose that MyCashBot has their own mail system.

  14. is a SCAM. STAY AWAY. The Web owner has 11 other site that have shut down due to scamming people. They are from Amsterdam so the U.S. can not control these ruthless SCAMMERS who try and Steal our Money. STAY AWAY.

  15. Frankly, I seriously do not think any real automated income generating software exists. Otherwise there will be tons of millionaires in the world today. I would like to reaffirm what the admin of this site mentioned though. It is true that binary option can make us money. I made almost GBP11,000 in 5 days with an initial capital of GBP300 on the TopOption platform. However I ended up losing all by the end of the week all because I got too greedy and emotional at the end.

    A few words of advise though…. don’t trade when you start getting emotional AND stop trading as soon as you see the entry rate differs from what is shown on the trading platform.

  16. Really thanks for this post . I was actually beginning to believe the hype. It is very clear no one makes money on the binary bots. Cheers

  17. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging
    on blogs I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be interesting to read articles
    from other writers and use something from their web sites.

  18. I have started by Autoquickcome affiliated to NRG binary options by deposited about $350 and they give me $100 bonus but first time trade by autoquickincome sofrware most of trading is lose just one win till my fund is low and now im lossing all

    1. All the softwares are scams.Why? because they can only work through programming but what about the economic conditions changes, can these garbage softwares predict? Time has come to totally condemn these binary options softwares whose owners are making commissions through brokers. Optionsbot2 has been working consistently but i would go for quantum signals atleast their predictions are right and above 60% every month and these predictions are made by experts which are having many years experience.
      Moreover the success rate is acceptable also, it can be trusted.I have also used 4 softwares but sorry to say they did not worked. As far as consistent performance is concerned QUANTUMBINARYSIGNALS are the best.OPTIONBOT2 is also having good reviews.

  19. On their website presentation a warning box displays the remaining small number of free licenses that gradually decreases. Merry is that the counter is reset when revisiting the site (with cookies deleted, of course)

    1. MYCAHBOT STOLE $500 from me. LOST 7 out of 8 trades…..refuses to answer questions but rather spams me continuously as if I was never a member. anything that is PLANNED .COM is a scam. NOTHING ISPlanned except ripping you off! I fell for it! I am so glad I have legit income programs still.

    2. This article is correct, these are all schemes and scams. just like throwing money in your trash can.
      Take a look at this–it is real and it does take work.

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