NASTY SCAM: AD Revolution review

Ad Revolution review

In our review we prove that Ad Revolution is a scam and the concept of ad flipping a total nonsense.

What is AD Revolution

Ad Revolution is an online program that promises to make you money thanks to online advertising.

It is based on the concept of the so-called ad flipping. It means that you are supposed to buy online banners and other forms of advertising, and then earn money thanks to visitors that these ads will generate for advertisers. This method is allegedly used by big companies like Google, Apple or Amazon.

The Ad Revolution platform automates the process, so you basically have to do only a few clicks to set up your advertising campaigns and begin harvesting money.

This system will allegedly make you thousands of dollars daily completely on autopilot. Is it real and legit?

The AD Revolution scam

Unfortunately, AD Revolution is a scam. It is based on a flawed concept called ad flipping that is a fictitious thing made up by scammers. They system is not generating any profits, it was made to separate people from their money.

In our review we provide the following proofs that ADrevolution is a scam.

Cloned scam

The last couple of years we have seen many scams based on ad flipping and we still can’t believe that this concept is still working for scammers.

Here are examples of similar advertisement scams that we have already reviewed: Banner Banc, Ad Code, Banner Code, Adflippers and Ad Formula.

If you check our reviews, you will see that all these systems use the exact same concept and the same promises. The stories and methods are the same, Ad Revolution is just a clone of these fraudulent programs. From their real users we know they lose money.

Ad Formula scam

Fake testimonials and reviews

The Ad Revolution’s website is displaying o lot of customers’ testimonials and stories about how much money they have made with this system. The problem is that these testimonials are fake, all of them.

Check our picture below and you will see a proof. This man is a Fiverr actor and we have seen him featuring in some other scams already. He is not a real user. There are no real satisfied users of Ad Revolution.

If you ever come across a positive AdRevolution review, it will be a fake one created or paid by people who run this fraud. This is how they proceed, they spread fake reviews of their scams to convince new victims.

These testimonials are fake

Fake articles

Another fake thing about Ad Revolution are the articles that supposedly appeared in the media. On the website of the system you will see screenshots and quotes from articles stating that this program has made millions to people.

But again, everything is fake. You can do the research yourself in The Guardian, Real Money and others to see for yourself. We provide you a proof in our picture below. No serious journal or magazine has ever mentioned, let alone endorsed Ad Revolution.

This article is not real

What is ad flipping and why it is a nonsense

Ad flipping is a method made up by scammers. It is supposed to make you money in investing into online advertising. But it is a nonsense that can’t and doesn’t work.

Scammers want you to believe that you can somehow sneak your way between big advertisers and people who sell advertisement space. But it is a total nonsense.

When a company wants to run ads, it will buy space on websites and pay for it. How could you possibly enter this process and make money? You just can’t.

Unless you have a website that has visitors and advertisers are interested in running ads on your website.

There is no such thing as ad flipping, it is a fictitious thing and a business model made up by scammers who want to get your money.

If you want to make money in online advertising, you have to build a website or a video channel or something that will naturally get visitors, a lot of visitors. Then advertisers might get interested in placing ads on your website or in your videos and pay you for that. This is how real online marketing works.

How Ad Revolution works

Finally, let us explain how Ad Revolution wants to scam you. When you sign up for this program, you will get access to a fake ad platform that will offer you different ad campaigns that you supposedly can invest in. But all money you invest will be lost.

Investments typically start at 250 USD and go up to tens of thousands of dollars. If you invest, the platform might show you some profits, but everything will be fake. You can expect calls to deposit and invest even more, but every investment will be lost, they will never let you withdraw anything.

To be clear, Ad Revolution runs no real ads, no real campaigns, it is just a platform made to convince you to send money to scammers so that they can keep it.

We have also seen some scammers in this space going so lazy that instead of pretending that they have an advertisement platform, they will send you to a shady and unregulated broker that will ask you to deposit money.

Ad Revolution – the verdict

Ad Revolution is a scam, ad flipping is a fake concept made up by scammers. This system can’t make you any money, you have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in real online trading, just get a free demo with a regulated broker and start testing to see if you are able to generate profits. You can use virtual money to learn.

If you decide to invest real money, please be sure to first understand the risks and to have a solid strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ad Revolution a scam or not?

Yes, Ad Revolution is a scam. It is a dangerous con that will take your money and lose it forever. There is no real advertisement going on, it is just a dirty scheme designed to get your money.

Is Ad Revolution legit?

No, Ad Revolution is not legit. Because it will not let you enter the real world of online advertising, the platform is selling fake banners and fake ads.

Is Ad Revolution real?

No, AD Revolution is not real. The concept of ad flipping is a total scam made up by fraudsters who are stealing money from people. It does not and it cannot work.

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