NASTY SCAM – Crunch Tech – review

Crunch Tech companyThis review proves that „Crunch Tech“ and „Captain Crunch Software“ are a binary options scam. It is presented by Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery.

Crunch Tech claim to have developed a binary options trading software that is based on weather forecasting. The algorithm allegedly has a 85% win ratio.

The sofware allegedly can make you $4,500 per week and it is of course free, because money is free, right?

Crunch Tech scam

Crunch Tech is in reality a renamed scam, it uses the same story as Neo2 scam. And the story is an absolute nonsense, using weather forecasts to trade currency pairs is as stupid as it gets.

The truth is that the only purpose of Crunch Tech is to make you deposit money with an unregulated binary options broker. Because it will earn an affiliate commission to these scammers. Their crappy software will then trade your account and lose your money. End of story.

Not free

As you might have noticed, Captain Crunch is not free. You will have to deposit at least $250, otherwise you won’t be allowed to use the software.

Sou Crunch Tech forces you to risk your money since the first trade.

Captain Crunch Software

Captain Crunch SoftwareAs you can see, the Captain Crunch software trades binary options on currency pairs. So nothing to do with commodities.

But the most important fact is that this is not a unique software, it is an app created and used by scammers only. They just changed the logo to Cap’n Crunch.

Binary options scammers have only a few apps and they use them in all their projects. Crunch Tech software is one of these apps that loses money to its users.

The company

Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery from Crunch TechWe made a research about the Crunch Tech company that allegedly is disrupting Wall Street and guess what? It does not even exist. It is a fake entity created just for the purpose of this nasty scam.

Rick Paulson, Daniel Avery, Carla Acosta and Briana Mathison are just paid actors. But be prepared to read a lot of fake reviews of Crunch Tech, a lot of web sites will tell you that it is genuine because they are promoting it with affiliate links, they are scammers too.


Crunch Tech and Captain Crunch Software are nasty scams designed to lose your money with a crappy app that is not based on a real trading strategy.

But this is exactly what you need to make money binary options, a real trading strategy. Unfortunately nobody will give you their profitable strategy for free, but you can try to build your own on a free demo account.

Never trust anybody who promises you free money on binary options but asks for your deposit first.

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8 thoughts on “NASTY SCAM – Crunch Tech – review

  1. Hi

    I have signed up to crunch tech and have been active for a few weeks, I am starting to believe that the YouTube reviews are full of shit and only making there money from affiliate schemes?

    I didn’t get a shitty broker issued though as got bancdebinary which are regulated and safe but the autotrades are not the best, I have a winning ratio with them but it only places the same trade in a morning so have no idea how these YouTube video can claim to be making good money apart from the affiliate programmes.

    I can confirm no money has been stolen and you do have to give details as part of the KYC scheme but this is standard.

    I have been manual,y trading using the signals from crunch tech and they are very hit and miss so all in all think the reviews are just marketing for the companies and nothing else

    1. Hi, yes, as I said in my other comment: Unfortunately these fake Youtube reviews are made in cooperation with the authors of these scams, se they are manipulated and fake. These fake reviewers are in fact affiliated with these scams.

  2. I would consider each of the guys that posted here to be internet trolls, with little to no common sense. Who cares what broker is assigned once you sign up. Use a different email address at sign up and another one is provided – simple as that. Your focus should be on whether or not you’re able to profit from it, and, considering I have been researching the results through various sources which include a growing number of YouTube videos, it appears to work QUITE WELL! It’s all about choice, so guys please quit lying to people who click on this site with misleading accusations and do your homework. Way I see it, If you don’t want to drive a Porsche or Lamborghini and live off Fifth Ave. there’s always a Chevy and the low-income neighborhoods, pal… They’ll welcome you (all) with open arms. Nothing worth having is free…

    1. Darryl, all YouTube videos with positive results are FAKE! They are made by affiliates who are getting paid for referring new victims to the Crunch Tech scam. This scam industry is really huge, scammers not only create scams, but they also have a network of “review” websites that publish fake reviews and endorse these scams.

  3. NASTY SCAM from Crunch-Tech – It is too good to be true and here is how to prove it is a NASTY SCAM in about 5 minutes with just a little bit of common sense and an Internet Browser
    Once you register with them you will be automatically be allocated a Binary Option Broker:
    1) Does it make sense that you have no choice about which broker you get allocated ?
    2) They have an army of brokers that they allocate. But the brokers all have one or two things in common – The brokers are not Licensed or their License details are false. It is easy to check out. Go to the official website which issues the license. Does the license exist in the name of the Binary Option Broker? When not then use your common sense and run away.
    3) The broker that they allocate will be blacklisted on a Broker Scam Alert Website or there will be Scam Alert Warnings. Just Google – Binary Options Scam Broker brokersname . Don’t send a scam broker any money – just plain common sense. Run away from a Scam Broker.
    4) Ask yourself – Why would such clever people use a whole bunch of Scam brokers if they weren’t trying to scam you? It is an easy answer – They want to scam you out of your money.
    5) A genuine Binary Options Broker does not want such trading software used on their websites. It would mean that they don’t make any money. They are in the business of making money from you. Common Sense people.
    6) A lot of supposedly neutral Binary Option Review websites are actually scammers themselves. I am blasting the web with this message. If this message gets deleted then you can expect that it has been deleted from a Binary Options Review Website which is actually a Scam Binary Options Review Website. A genuine Binary Options Broker Review Website will not delete this message.
    Why am I doing this? They scammed me. I can take it. But I don’t want them to scam innocent and trusting people out of their money. It disgusts me. SCAMMERS are SCUM.
    Spread the word. Don’t be fooled by the flash video. There is nothing in the videos that can be checked out. It is all special effects with no real Spot Rates which can be checked out. Check out the brokers – that is where they are going to scam you out of your money. You will not get your money because they will scam you out of it. Expect to be scammed out of even more money.
    It just needs common sense – Why are they going to make you rich? It’s a dream to fool you.
    I only ask one thing from you – Check it out. If what I have written is correct then spread the word on the Internet. Copy Paste this text – It is copyright free as long as it is copied in it’s entirety and not altered in any way. There must be more honest people than there are scammers. Then they won’t win.
    Safe trading people and watch out for sharks.

  4. Respect to you Sir.
    I haven’t seen any other reviews that are calling Crunch-Tech a Scam – Only yours.
    My ALARM BELLS have been ringing for a couple of days now.
    I don’t know if Crunch-Tech are a scam.
    But I do know from my own experience that when you register with them, is that you get allocated a Binary Options Broker who may well be unregulated and on Scam Blacklists and on Scam Watch Out lists.
    The way in which the they operate has the Hallmarks of Scamming – 1) No choice or say in which broker gets allocated; 2) Time pressured into making a quick decision because only 1st 250 people will get the trading software “FREE” for 90 days trial. 3) As you point out – the 90 day “FREE” trial period costs 250 USD. I did it. I have kissed that money goodbye. I felt like the Binary Option Trader allocated to me was a criminal. To get my money back I need to send them my identity documents. I was stupid. But I am not stupid enough to go any further with what may turn into identity theft or credit / debit cards getting authorised funds drawn.
    This morning I official registered my complaint to Crunch-Tech about Scam Brokers being allocated. Their response will tell me a lot about them. Are they genuine or are they scammers like the Scam Brokers that are being allocated?
    I was stupid and I have paid the price of 250 USD for that stupidity. But I am a quick learner. I am also not afraid to open my mouth.
    I have tried on 5 different occasions with 5 different email addresses to get a clean and reliable broker allocated from Crunch-Tech. 5 times I have been allocated brokers that leave me thinking that they are Scam Brokers.
    Well done Sir for your review and thank you.
    Happy Trading

    1. Correction to previous comment –
      At the end of the 3rd Paragraph I meant to write:

      ….with what may turn into identity theft or credit / debit cards getting UNauthorised funds drawn.

      Happy Trading

    2. With unregulated brokers it is always difficult, because you cannot know what will they do with your personal information. Regulated brokers do have to verify your identity, it is the law, but unfortunately unregulated brokers can abuse your information. If you did the deposit with a credit card, you ask your bank for a chargeback.

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