NASTY SCAM: Crypto Trading Machine review

Crypto Trading Machine official webIn this review you will learn why Crypto Trading Machine won’t make you any money.

Crypto Trading Machine is a trading signals software, it will tell when to enter trades with cryptocurrencies and currencies on Forex.

The signals allegedly are very accurate, therefore very profitable. The software costs $47. Is it worth it?

Crypto Trading Machine scam

Fake tradesNo, Crypto Trading Machine is not worth its price. In fact, it’s an obvious scam. Why? Because of the way it is presented.

First, a software that would be highly profitable both with cryptocurrencies and currencies would be equal to a miracle. Trust us, we are in this business for a long time and universal automated solutions that work consistently over a long period time don’t exist, simply because markets keep changing.

False statementsSecond, Crypto Trading Machine suggests that it is able to pick almost all tops and bottoms, which is the best proof that it is a scam. Nobody can do that, don’t even think about picking all price movements, it simply is impossible.

Should Crypto Trading Machine work like shown on the pictures, it would make you a millionaire in no time. For $47. Does it seem real?

The truth is that whoever is behind this scam just played with historical charts, that’s all.

Illegal investment advice

The usual point is that providing trading signals equals to providing investment advice. For this you need to have a licence from a financial regulator.

But Crypto Trading Machine is an anonymous, not regulated. It is a crappy and shady product.


Stay away from Crypto Trading Machine, it certainly does not work as suggested. It is an illegal piece of software.

If you want a profitable strategy, you have to build it on your own. You need to learn a lot of things to achieve that. You can start practicing on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Nobody will make you a millionaire for a few bucks, that’s the reality.

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