NASTY SCAM: Market Robo review

Market Robo

This MarketRobo review exposes a huge investment scam that you have to avoid.

MarketRobo promises to make you money in crypto trading. It allegedly will do arbitrages, which is taking advantage of price differences between crypto exchanges.

You supposedly can make up to 2% daily returns on your investment thanks to this software. Everything is done automatically, so you just have to switch the robot on. But do you really?

Market Robo is a scam

Unfortunately, MarketRobo is a fraudulent program that is sure to lose money. The worst thing is that it is not even trading cryptocurrencies!

Doesn’t understand trading

This is not arbitrage tradingWhoever put together the MarketRobo software does not really understand arbitrage trading. Because if they did, they would not show you supposed trading opportunities that would lose money.

Take a look at our picture, the robot suggested trades with OMG and XMR, while buying them at a higher price and selling them at a lower price, which is a sure loss.

So, it is doing the opposite of what it is supposed to trade. But these differences in prices would not be profitable even when traded the opposite direction, because transaction fees would make you lose money in the end.

Crazy investment plans

Investment plans are a scamYou don’t really need to understand cryptocurrencies or financial trading to see that MarketRobo is a scam. Because it promises 2% daily returns on investment, which is 60% monthly.

Everybody should know that 60% monthly is not possible in any legitimate business. You can be sure that when an anonymous and unlicensed program offers you this kind of returns that it is a scam.

Illegal and not endorsed

Fake awards and endorsementsOn the website of Market Robo you will find logos of media like Yahoo or Also, the software supposedly is trusted by the regulator CySEC from Cyprus.

But it is not true. MarketRobo has not positive reviews and it is not approved by regulators. In fact, it is an illegal investment service. Your money would be at great risk with such a dark system.

Also, the video testimonials that are on the YouTube channel of the program are fake, they are made with paid actors.

A truly illegal scheme

Market Robo is not doing any real cryptocurrency trading. It is just collecting money from people and running and illegal financial game.

We assume that it will use some of the deposits to payout withdrawals, but since no real profits are achieved, it will quickly run out of money and collapse. Don’t put your money into it.

MarketRobo review conclusion

Market Robo is a horrible scam, we proved that in our review. You have to stay away from it in order not to lose money.

For cryptocurrency trading always use regulated brokers and start with virtual money on a free demo account so that you can learn risk free.

Only when you have a proper strategy and an understanding of the risks associated with real trading, you can start investing your own money.

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  1. Hallo ich habe bereits 150 euro an MarketRobo überwiesen ist das Geld verloren?
    Welches ist ein legaler Händler für Bitcoin?


    Michael Windt.

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