NEW SCAM: Altcoin Trends review

Altcoin TrendsThis review proves that Altcoin Trends is a scam designed to lose your money. It is presented by Andrew Frost.

Frost says that Altcoin Trends is a software based on a powerful trading algorithm. It trades cryptocurrencies and it is allegedly able to generate more than $3,000 in profits every day to each user.

And guess what, Frost is giving away Altcoin Trends for free, so he wants you to believe that he will make you money for free.

Altcoin Trends scam

Frost won’t make you any money, because Altcoin Trends is just a scam that is hiding behind cryptocurrencies.

Andrew Frost is just a fictitious character created by scammers for their fictitious story. Anytime anybody promises free money, you should be very sceptic, because there is no free money.

The first thing you should notice, is that Altcoin Trends is completely anonymous, there is no real contact information. But as this program is in fact an investment service, it has to be regulated, but it obviously is not. So, it is operating illegally.

Fake reviews

Testimonials are fakeOn the Altcoin Trends website you will find some testimonials that are supposed to persuade you that other people are making money with it.

But all the reviews are fake, scammers used stock photos and fake stories. Look at our picture to see a proof.

Scam software

Losing trading robotThe best proof that Altcoin Trends is a scam is in the software. We analyzed it and found that it is a known software used by many scams.

Check our picture to see some examples of other scams that are based on the same app, like Crypto Advantage, Crypto Wealth and Bitcoin Wealth.

We know from real users that this software is losing money in real trading, it has no real strategy!

How it really works

If you sign up with Altcoin Trends, you will notice that the first thing you have to do is to deposit at least $250 with the unlicensed broker BinaryOnline.

The reason is that people who run this scam are paid by this broker for referring new depositing clients. Now you se how it really works?

We have to stress that if you deposit money with Altcoin Trends, the robot will lose it and you will never get it back.


Altcoin Trends is a new scam that is not about real crypto trading, it just wants to take money away from you. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in real crypto trading, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can try and everything and build your own trading strategy.

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