NEW SCAM: BitElysium review

Bit Elysium official websiteThis review explains that BitElysium is a new scam that wants to separate you from your money.

Elysium One Limited supposedly is a Hong Kong company that is focused on cryptocurrency mining and trading.

Through the Bit-Elysium program it offers an investment plans with 4.8% daily returns on your investment, which means 144% monthly.

Is it a real investment opportunity?

BitElysium scam

Investment programLet’s make us clear that is impossible to make 144% per month in crypto mining or trading, no matter if it is bitcoin or any altcoin. Especially lately in what has been a stagnating market.

In fact, no legit business can offer stable daily returns of this magnitude, and no legit business can promise 144% per month. Anybody saying anything else is a scammer.

This means that BitElysium is a scam. It is a Ponzi scheme that will use deposits to pay some withdrawals and attract people to the system.

But as you can imagine, this cannot work forever and Bit-Elysium will run out of money and collapse. It’s how these scams always end, they run for a limited time and then all the money disappears.

Illegal investment service

You should also know that Bit Elysium is offering an investment program, so it is offering investment services. And this a regulated activity in almost every country, so you need a licence from a regulator to be able to offer it legally.

But we found no regulatory information about BitElysium, which means that it is an illegal investment service.


BitElysium is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail, stay away from it!

If you want to make money in crypto trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker and start learning.

You will have to build a profitable strategy before eventually switching to trading with real money.

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