NEW SCAM: Cardano Pays review

Cardano Pays official webThis review shows that Cardano Pays is an investment scam that is not worth putting your money into.

Cardano Pays is supposed to be an international crypto trading and consulting agency. The name suggests that it is focused on the cryptocurrency cardano.

The company offers six different plans with 25% per hour, which means 600% per day and 18,000% per month.

Can you really multiply your money 180 times in one month with this program?

Cardano Pays

Investment plans are fakeNo, you cannot make that much money with this program, because it is a scam. Really, if you think that any business can make you 18,000% per month, you are in serious trouble.

These numbers are absurd and impossible in this world. Anybody promising them is a scammer, there is no other possibility.

Fake company

Fake companyCardano Pays claims to be registered in the UK, but it is not true.

As you can see on our picture, they used the registration of dormant company that is no longer in business.

Moreover investment services can be provided only by those UK companies that are licensed by the FCA, which obviously is not the case of Cardano Pays.

How it really works

Cardano Pays is a simple Ponzi scheme. This means that it might pay out some profits at the beginning, but new deposits will be used for that purpose.

There is no real business activity going on, just an illegal financial game that is certain to collapse very soon.


Cardano Pays is a scam, it will quickly close down because of the lack of new funds coming in. Stay away from it!

If you want to trade cardano or other cryptocurrencies, do it with a regulated broker and start on a free demo account.

You have to understand the risks before you eventually start trading with real money.

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