NEW SCAM: FX Robotix review

This review explains that FX Robotix is an investment scam that is not about real financial trading.

FX Robotics reviewFXRobotix is supposed to be a system based on high-frequency trading that will generate highly accurate trading signals.

The system is allegedly so reliable, that even people with no prior experience can use to make money. And wait, the miracles are not over, because the system is free. Or, is it?

FXRobotix scam

FX Robotics scamUnfortunately, FX Robotics is just another scam from the pen of an infamous group of scammers. They keep releasing new systems and every time they claim their new one is the real one that can make money to anybody.

Over time they delete their fake reviews and articles about their old scams to erase their history, but we know it very well.

High-frequency trading fairy tale

We suggest starting with what high-frequency trading (HFT) is really about. In a nutshell it is automated trading done by very fast computers that try to front-run some of the common orders that are in the market. As its names says it, this trading is very fast and trades are done within seconds, they are extremely short.

Now look at the signals that FX Robotics is showing to you, it has nothing to do with HFT, signals valid for minutes, trades lasting for even longer periods of time and executed manually.

So, FXRobotics is obviously lying, HFT is used here only as a fancy term in the hope that ordinary people will not see through and understand they are being scammed.

And don’t get us started on the trades with a risk to reward to ratio (RRR) of 1:2 with a winning rate of 80 or more percent, no trading system in the world has this accuracy, let alone an anonymous piece of crap like FX Robotics.

The truth

FX Robotics testimonialWhat is the truth about FX Robotics? Let’s complete this review by saying that the true goal of this system is to make you deposit money with a broker that FX Robotix has partnered with, because that will earn them affiliate commissions.

It is as simple as that. This is why they are giving away for free a losing system saying that it is profitable. Because if you trust them and deposit through their system with their broker, they will make money no matter what happens to you next.


FX Robotix is a scam, don’t trade with it with real money. If they don’t let you try it on an independent demo, stay away from it!

Never start trading any system or signals with real money, always start on a demo account and first verify everything in testing with virtual money.

And forget about free profitable signals, they don’t exist.

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