New scam: Golden Paradigm on binary options

Golden ParadigmIn this review we are going to prove that “Golden Paradigm” is a scam on binary options. It is presented by Nathan Weiss.

Weiss says that together with his colleagues he discovered a top secret trading algorithm that is based on 85 years of historical data. It allegedly has a 97% winning rate. It is called the Golden Paradigm.

According to Weiss it can make you 1,5 million dollars in one year. Now you can get free access to Golden Paradigm for a year. After it makes you 1,5 million dollars you will have to pay back $7,188 as a fee.

Golden Paradigm is a scam

Let’s put it straight, Nathan Weiss is a fictitious character and Golden Paradigm is a fairy tale. Let’s see some proofs.


scammerIn the GoldenParadigm video you can see a guy – Charlie Treybach – showing his trading account and saying that he made over 25 thousand dollars in just a few days.

But it is a fake, this guy is a known scammer, lately we’ve seen him supporting the TSI System scam. In every scam he uses another name, see the picture on the right.

So when you see his face, you know that you are dealing with a scam.

GoldenParadigm app

Golden Paradigm appThe app that is supposed to make you millionaire is in fact a piece of crap. This is the most used app by binary options scammers.

Just look at the picture on the right, the same software has been used in the Tauribot scam and Amissio Formula scam. Among others…

This app is designed to lose your money.

The truth

In reality people behind the Golden Paradigm are getting paid by TitanTrade to bring in new depositors, this is why they made up this story. So they need you to deposit at least $250 with Titan Trade in order to make money.

If you then trade your deposit with their app, you will lose it.


The Golden Paradigm is a binary options scam, so stay away from it.

In order to really make money with binary options you will need to learn trading and test on a demo account. You can start trading with real money only after you are able to make profits on a demo.

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