New scam review: Gold Trade Microsystem

Today’s review is about a new binary options scam called „Gold Trade Microsystem“ or „GTM“, it is presented by Professor Justin Hudson from Cambridge.

What is it about

Gold Trade MicrosystemHudson claims that together with his colleagues he automated a gold trading algorithm that can trade profitably binary options. His team allegedly need to test their new software, so you have the opportunity a beta tester.

Gold Trade Microsystem is now free, but later will be sold for $1,999. With GTM you supposedly should be able to turn $250 into $30,000 or more. Completely on autopilot.

Gold Trade Microsystem is a scam

We have found several things that prove that GTM is a scam.

Cambridge Professor Justin Hudson

Cambridge Professor Justin HudsonScammers are again playing with subtle details here. They say that Professor Justin Hudson is from Cambridge. So you automatically think about the University of Cambridge. But no, there is no Professor Justin Hudson at the University of Cambridge.

In fact, Professor of Land Economy Justin Hudson does not exist, it is a fictitious character played by an actor.

Fake testimonials

Known scammers.

We have been uncovering binary options scams for two years and we have seen many different faces.

And we immediately recognized two of them on the Gold Trade Microsystem web page.

These guys were recommending other proven scams in the past, so their presence is a guarantee that GTM is a scam too.

Fake counter

Limited spots. Really?
Limited spots. Really?

Hudson says that there is only a limited amount of spots available for beta testers, but it is the usual lie that scammers use to put you under pressure.

Just open the Gold Trade Microsystem in another browser and you’ll see the counter full again.

The GTM App

Trading appThe reality is that Gold Trade Microsystem is just another binary options scam designed to make money to its creators only. They will get paid by their broker for every new trader that deposits money and starts trading.

Their app will then trade your account and lose your deposit. As you cannot try GTM for free, you will be forced to deposit at least $250, and then you will lose this money. So stay away.


We repeat it over and over again, binary options are a legitimate trading tool that you can make money with. But it takes time and learning. You can see how it works on a free demo and then decide if you want to devote time to binary trading and try to build a profitable strategy before you go live with your money.

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