New scam review: Million Dollar Months by Brad Davis

Million Dollar Months reviewIn this review we are going to explain why is the “Million Dollar Months” a scam. It is presented by Brad Davis.

There supposedly is only a limited number of places in the Million Dollar Months project. Davis promises to make you a millionaire under 30 days. The app works on auto pilot, so all you have to do is sit back and watch your account grow.

And finally Davis says that his app is free for you.

The Million Dollar Months is a scam

Brad-DavisAs it is usual with binary options scams there is a lot of proofs that the story is not true. Here the main is the big amount of fake testimonials and faked identities.

Let’s start with the creator of the Million Dollar Months app Mr. Brad Davis. It is a fictitious character, he does not exist, his photo comes from a public database (Shutterstock).

Then we have testimonials on their web page that are made with photos stolen from all over the internet, from actor databases etc.

And finally we have fake testimonials with paid actors in the video. For

Million Dollar Months testimonials
Fake testimonials with stolen photos.

example the woman pictured below already acted for another scam, see the link under the image.

So what is the Million Dollar Months about? People behind this project are affiliated with binary options brokers, so they will get paid for every new trader that deposits money. This is why they made up this story, they need to convince you to open an account and deposit money with their broker, it will earn them a commission.

If you then let the Million Dollar Months app trade your account, it will make losing trades and lose your deposit. You see, it is not free, you will have to deposit money that will be at risk.

This woman already acted in another scam called InstaCash.


Trading binary options can be profitable, it is a legitimate form of trading just like stocks or commodities. Binary options are easy to understand, but you still need to have a profitable plan. If you are interested, you can try it on a free demo, then you’ll see if you want to dedicate more time and effort to binary options to make money.

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3 thoughts on “New scam review: Million Dollar Months by Brad Davis

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  2. Greetings from Canada,
    I am trying to investigate some of the Binary trading apps, programs, systems.
    I am disabled, now, and can no !longer work outside of my home. My husband also was injured, and our income took a 60% hit.
    So I am interested in doing this, buy I cannot afford to lose another dime
    How or where can I find the Binary brokers, who use the trading platform with integrity and security?
    It feels like I am in a small rowboat, surrounded by sharks, all promising to help me make money for our dismal future, which includes lifetime commitments to nine children, (six FAS damaged ) and other work for Children’s services and our RCMP. Our Mom passed on earlier this year, our dad soon had a heart attack (broken heart syndrome). Now we manage his pacemaker. A week ago he was diagñosed with stage 3 cancer, so he will live with us. My mom has numerous health needs, her mind is sharp, but has lost all control of her body from neck down.
    All this to help you understand that the Binary trading seems like something I could do, and make good money. It is tempting, listening to the trading gurus, to take a shot at basic financial security. I can’t imagine that get rich quick schemes are gonna help long-term.
    So, I apologize for the sob story. I just wanted to brief you about my motives.
    And hoping you can give me advice on how to investigate these offers, apps, broker(my pick, or must I use the broker assigned to me)?
    Thanx for your time and understanding of the importance that I do right by funding the right people.

    1. Hi, so far I haven’t seen any profitable automated trading or signal system for binary options, so be careful with these offers. The only way I can recommend is learn trading and build a profitable manual strategy, but it takes time. My personal opinion is that people in a difficult financial situation should not trade binary options, because trading under pressure makes it very difficult.

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