NO-BRAINER SCAM: Neuro Trader by Intellix Systems review

In this review of Neuro Trader you will learn that this trading program of Intellix Systems is a scam that will lose your money.

According to Intellix Systems Neuro Trader is a binary options trading software that has not had a single losing trade for the last 18 months.

So it allegedly has a 100 % win accuracy and it can make you at least $10,000 per day. At that rate you could become a millionaire within a few months.

Are you surprised that the Neuro Trader is free, so you allegedly can become a millionaire for free? Well, you really should…

Neuro Trader is a scam

The reality is that Intellix Systems is an inexistent company and Neuro Trader is a scam software. The only result you can expect from this program is losses.

Intellix Systems and Jeff Blumenthal

As we already said, Intellix Systems is a fictitious company. You just need to take a look at their team with Jeff Blumenthal as the CEO.

They used stolen photos of people that have noting in common with this scam. Check the picture on the right to see the proof.

Fake testimonials

Scammers used stolen photos one more time when they were creating fake testimonials about their Neuro Trader.

Look at our picture to see that the reviews published by Intellix Systems are fake.

Again, these people have nothing to do with this program, they have never traded with it.

Losing software

The main tool of the Intellix Systems scam is the software they called Neuro Trader. But this software has not been made specially for this project.

In fact it is a universal binary options scam software that we have seen many times under many different names.

Look at the picture to see some examples of other scams that use this exact same app, like Leaked Profits, Hexa Trader and Profits Perpetual.

We know from real users of this software that it is losing money in trading!

The truth – how they will lose your money

Now let us explain how Neuro Trader really works. After registering they will ask you for a deposit of at least $250 with a broker of their choice. If you make this deposit, the Neuro Trader will lose your money, because it cannot trade profitably.

And where is the money for scammers in all this? Well, they will get paid an affiliate commission by the broker for referring a new depositor. That’s how it works.


Neuro Trader of Intellix Systems is a sure scam that will push you to deposit money and then it will lose your deposit. So stay away from it!

Nobody will make you money for free. If you want to make money with binary options, open a free demo account and test and learn until you are able to trade profitably.

Only then you can start trading with real money.

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