NOOB SCAM: Gemini 2 review

gemini2In this review you’ll find proofs that Gemini 2 is a binary options scam. It is presented by Brandon Lewis.

Lewis allegedly is a former top Google’s engineer that created the Gemini app which is the world’s only no loss trading software. It allegedly can earn you at least $12,000 per day.

And because we are used to become millionaires for free, the Gemini 2 app is of course free.

Gemini 2 scam

brandon-lewisGemini 2 is an ordinary scam that abuses binary options. It has nothing to do with real trading, it is just about ripping you off.

All the people you can see in the video are paid actors, starting with Brandon Lewis. He is an actor, not an engineer, let alone from Google.

All the testimonials and reviews shown on the Gemini website are fake.

Results are fake

resultsOn the Gemini web you can see some supposedly live trading results of the software. But it is very easy to prove that they are fake.

Look at the picture, you’ll see several trades from 2016/09/25, which is a Sunday. But markets are closed on Sundays, you can’t trade binary options on Sundays, so the results are obviously fake.

Scam software

gemini-2-softwareWe had a look at the Gemini 2 software that should be a zero loss trading software, the only one in the world. Well, we are hearing this claim from almost every binary options trading system we review on our website…

But let’s get back to Gemini, the software is a well-known app developed and offered by scammers only.

Look at the picture, you’ll see some other scams that use the exact same software, like the Quantum Code or Lucrosa.

The truth

testimonialsSo how does Gemini 2 really works? It is very simple, people who created it are affiliated with some unregulated brokers. They are getting paid for referring new depositing traders to these brokers. So the only purpose of Gemini is to make you open an account with a certain broker and deposit money.

If you do it, scammers will earn their affiliate commission. Only then they will let you use their Gemini software. But if you use it and let it trade with your money, you will lose your deposit. You will realise that you have been scammed only after losing your deposit. So it will be too late to change anything.

Conclusion – what to do

Gemini 2 is a scam designed to make you deposit and lose money with an unregulated broker, so don’t use it!

You can try binary options trading for free on a demo account to see how it really works and how you can really make money.

But you will need patience and learning before you can achieve real profits. And forget about free binary options robots, they are all scams.

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