NOOB SCAM: PMP – Prove My Profits – review

prove my profitsThis Prove My Profits review contains proofs that this program of Ted Morgan is a scam that abuses binary options.

Morgan claims to be a binary options trader that can give you a trading system that generates $498,561 per month. His Prove My Profits (PMP) system allegedly made him over five million dollars, which he tries to prove on a polygraph.

And guess what, when somebody has a millionaire program, he of course gives it away for free, so you can get the Prove My Profits system for free.

Prove My Profits is a scam

comparisonTed Morgan is a liar and scam artist. In reality it is a paid actor hired to play the main role in a well-known scam.

PMP is just a copy of the Lie Detector Millionaire and Polygraph Millionaire scams. This is the third version of this scam.

jonas kaneBoth previous versions of this scam used the same actor, this time it is a different guy, but the script is the same. And we know from real users that this scam just loses money.

The polygraph test with a “former military general” Jonas Kane is just a bad joke.

Scam software

pmp softwareProve my Profits has a lot in common with other scams too. It uses the same software as many others scams, like WikiTrader or The Royce Code.

Take a look at the picture, you will see that the app is always the same, only the logo and colors change.

This software is losing money in real trading, we know it thanks to feedback from real users!

The truth – how PMP really works

If you don’t understand why somebody put so much effort in giving away a losing binary options software, continue reading.

Prove My Profits works like this: After registering you will be forced to deposit money with a broker that you won’t be allowed to choose. This is because these scammers are associated with this broker and they get paid for referring new depositors to this broker.

So when you deposit money with their broker, they earn an affiliate commission. Then the PMP software will trade your account and lose your money. End of sad story.


Prove My Profits is a dirty scam made to lose the money that you will be forced to deposit with an unregulated broker. So don’t do it!

The real way to make money with binary options leads through learning and testing on a demo account with a regulated broker.

There are no free profitable binary options robots, so don’t look for any, they are all scams.

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