NSSC warns against Ashford Investments

The Nova Scotia financial regulator NSSC has published an alert about the binary options broker Ashford Investments.

NSSC has stated that Ashford Investments is not authorized to sell securities in Nova Scotia.

Moreover the alert contains information about Ashford Investments being connected to the Quantum Code scam. Quantum Code is sending new depositors to Ashford Investments, this is how people lose money.

According to our research Ashford Investments is not regulated at all, therefore it has no licence whatsover.

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5 thoughts on “NSSC warns against Ashford Investments

  1. I got ripped off $1500, because they wanted me to invest $5000 into Gold shares which I wisely did not do. Very “pushy” sales-people. I should have done my research into this company before investing $1500.

  2. I think i got scram of total $1000 , $500 to crown finance and $500 to ashford investment. I did not invest anything yet but just deposit $500 to each and they tired to get me to invest more and promise a very good return. Luckily i didnt go in it. But my deposit is still stuck there.Im helpless and there is no way to get back my hard earn money.

  3. wow I am so glad that I noticed that my dod was wrong on my registration and emailed the before i deposited any money , I emailed them to say it wont allow me to change it and could they change it to ——- the email i received back was yes they could if I gave them my dob , as I had given my dob on the email they replied to I decided not to invest with a company that can not read 2 lines on an email , I lost faith , after reading reviews on them I am so glad I did

  4. I need help I cannot withdraw my deposit of $250 dollars they keep on saying my amount is too much I really need my money they are very manipulative

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