NSSC warns against Ashford Investments

The Nova Scotia financial regulator NSSC has published an alert about the binary options broker Ashford Investments.

NSSC has stated that Ashford Investments is not authorized to sell securities in Nova Scotia.

Moreover the alert contains information about Ashford Investments being connected to the Quantum Code scam. Quantum Code is sending new depositors to Ashford Investments, this is how people lose money.

According to our research Ashford Investments is not regulated at all, therefore it has no licence whatsover.

16 thoughts on “NSSC warns against Ashford Investments

  1. if been scam on 20 april 2018, this finance manager tread you like a dog!!! can anyone tell me is their a way that i can get my money back?

    1. Dear Kotie,

      We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our services and investigation you case based on the information you provided.
      As soon as we make a full picture of what happened our representative will contact you to provide assistance and answer your questions.

      You can also contact our customer support via complaints@ashfordinvestments.com or call us +442038689102.

  2. Please do not waste your valuable time or hard earned money with them.
    They keep calling me every single day from different numbers across the world many times even when I kindly asked them not to.
    They keep harassing me and pushing me to invest. Very unprofessional. I’m getting legal advise against them now.

    1. Dear Akila,

      Thank you for sharing your experience here.
      We are carefully analyzing the feedback our clients give us and use that information to improve the quality of services we provide here at Ashford Investments.

      We will be happy to assist you with everything possible, however, in order do so we need to identify you in our system. Please contact Ashford Investments customer support at complaints@ashfordinvestments.com or call us +442038689102.

      Thank you.

  3. I invested in this company because it said that they have a UK office which I thought was great as there are many scam companies on the internet.
    When I spoke to the agent he assured me that getting my money would not be a problem so I paid with my debit card over the phone two days later my card was used by some to pay parking fines and other things at this point I tried to withdraw my money that’s when I realized that this company is a scam they said I need to be varied before they can refund my money which I did but then realised that what the really wanted was my personal details.
    They will give you many excuses why they can’t send your money
    One called Andy said his son was in the hospital that’s why he can’t send my funds back. And watch out for this one they will say to you give me permission to invest in gold or oil and I will make you 2k if you agree to that they will come back to you and say the investments was lost.
    So is Ashford investments safe to invest in NO THEY ARE NOT THEY HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN IN THE UK
    Before you invest in any company first check if they are legally registered

    1. Dear Douglas,

      Thank you for taking the time to sharing your review with us.

      We are concerned that You were not satisfied with our services and we would like to review your account in detail so that the company could have a better view of the situation.
      However, in order to do so we need to identify you in our system.
      Please, reply here directly with your email address that you registered with on ashfordinvestments.com or contact us at support@ashfordinvestments.com or call us +442038689102.

      Thank you and looking forward to your answer.

  4. Ashford Investments – Fraud Company – At AshfordInvestments, we show our traders how to turn their dreams into realities. As a ranking CFDs trading platform.

  5. Ashford investments is a scam if you invest
    With them they do not want to give you your money back.
    They have been shut down in the UK .
    One of things they will try when you ask for your money back is they try to do is get you to agree for them to invest your money and promise that they will make you a profit in just a few days then they come back and say the investments was lost.
    they are based in Eastern Europe and they are not registered with any legal body

  6. hello good day please i want to ask which of the investment did you say they do not want to pay you back
    your 250 Dollars is it on ashford investment.they have being on my tail to come and invest the sum of 250 dollars please i need to know if they are the one you are referring to if so i can stop it with them
    thanks hope to hear from you soon

    1. Don’t invest with them. I lost $500 within the space of 5 minutes. The broker then wanted me to enter my credit card details to deposit more funds but I refused. I made a complaint to Ashford Investment but they said it was my fault because I was the one that clicked on the trades etc. However, as a novice investor I was being guided by the broker who was telling me to click on this button and then on that button. He was doing it so quickly I didn’t have time to absorb what he was telling me and was simply following his instructions.

      They are scammers and you will be pressured to invest more money. There will be no return on your $250!!

      1. Dear Nhu Huynh,

        Thank you for your feedback, we are currently investigating your case and our representative will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with more information and assistance.

        If you have any other questions or complaints you can contact our customer support department via e-mail: complaints@ashfordinvestments.com or phone: +442038689102 and we will gladly assist you.

  7. I need help I cannot withdraw my deposit of $250 dollars they keep on saying my amount is too much I really need my money they are very manipulative

  8. wow I am so glad that I noticed that my dod was wrong on my registration and emailed the before i deposited any money , I emailed them to say it wont allow me to change it and could they change it to ——- the email i received back was yes they could if I gave them my dob , as I had given my dob on the email they replied to I decided not to invest with a company that can not read 2 lines on an email , I lost faith , after reading reviews on them I am so glad I did

  9. I think i got scram of total $1000 , $500 to crown finance and $500 to ashford investment. I did not invest anything yet but just deposit $500 to each and they tired to get me to invest more and promise a very good return. Luckily i didnt go in it. But my deposit is still stuck there.Im helpless and there is no way to get back my hard earn money.

  10. Got scammed $5250, I as well did not no my research! They pressure you and all you actually see is smoke and mirrors!

  11. I got ripped off $1500, because they wanted me to invest $5000 into Gold shares which I wisely did not do. Very “pushy” sales-people. I should have done my research into this company before investing $1500.

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