OBVIOUS SCAM: Destination Moon – review

Destination Moon official webThis review explains hat the Destination Moon crypto robot trading is a scam.

Destination Moon is supposed to be a team of experienced traders and programmers who develop automated trading strategies for cryptocurrencies.

Destination Moon provides trading signals for manual trading and robots for automated trading. Currently there are 78 robots and they all allegedly are profitable.

Now you can get this trading solution for free, you will just pay 39% of your profits as a fee. Is it real?

Destination Moon scam

Fake trading resultsTo see that Destination Moon is a scam you just have to look at their alleged trading results. 78 robots and all of them profitable? BS!

Or the daily trading results (see picture), every trade profitable, every day with massive profits. Not a single loss? BS again!

You just need common sense to realize that if somebody can create dozens of profitable trading robots, they would not provide access to them for free. Their alleged results would make anybody a millionaire within a few months.

Not really free

You have to risk big timeThe free plan has a big catch, you have to trade at least 0.5 bitcoin per month. This means that without having the opportunity to verify that it all works you have to risk $3,000. This would be insane to do.

This way you could lose thousands of dollars before realizing that Destination Moon doesn’t work.

Illegal robot

Destination Moon is designed to trade automatically for you, which means that it is a service that has to be regulated.

But Destination Moon is anonymous, there are no names, no contact information, no licence! This makes it an illegal trading robot in most countries.

Now consider this, in order to use the robot, you will have to give them your API keys that give them full control of your trading accounts on exchanges. Do you think it is safe to give full access of your trading account to an anonymous party?


Destination Moon is a clear scam, because nobody can have dozens of profitable robots that are profitable every day. Stay away from it!

The truth is that it is possible to make money in crypto trading, but it is not easy. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Only if you manage to be profitable on the demo you can think of switching to trading with real money.

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