OBVIOUS SCAM: Indigo Income review

Indigo IncomeRead our review of Indigo Income to understand that this investment program is a scam.

Indigo Investment Limited claims to be a company that invests into cryptocurrencies and that it is making big profits.

It offers several investment programs to the general public with returns up to 3000% after 15 days. This means 6000% in one month. Is it possible?

Indigo Income scam

Unreal Investment plansNo, 6000% per month is not possible, not with any legit business. Nobody can multiply your money 60 times on a monthly basis and in a legal way.

Only scams offer such returns, but they don’t deliver them anyway, it is just a false promise. Indigo Income might work as Ponzi scheme that pays some small profits at the beginning, but it is sure to fail quickly.

The reason is that Ponzi schemes use deposits from new members to pay out profits to older members. It is a system doomed to fail.

Not regulated

No licenceIndigo Income Limited tries to gain your trust by showing you a company registration from the UK. But such a registration doesn’t mean anything, almost anybody can get one.

If you want to invest with a company that follows strict rules and is under oversight from an independent authority, then that company has to be regulated. But Indigo Income is not regulated, it has no licence whatsoever.


Indigo Income is an investment scam that is going to collapse, it is just a matter of time. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in crypto trading or financial trading in general, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Learn all the basics, understand the risks and try to build a profitable strategy. Only then you can start trading with real money.

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