OBVIOUS SCAM: OneTouch – review

This review of the binary options program OneTouch proves that it is a scam. It is presented by Jeffrey Peterson.

Peterson says that he made a lot of money by using a trading app called OneTouch, which was developed by engineers at the Investment Institute Gold Campbell Limited.

The One Touch software can allegedly make you more than $$2,000 per day. And it is of course free, because money is free, right?

One Touch scam

One Touch is of course a scam and Peterson a scam artist (paid actor). You don’t need to know anything about binary options to see that his story is a complete nonsense.

He says that one year ago he had almost nothing and that during the past year he made over 750 thousand dollars. He then shows you his bank account with that sum.

So in one year he made 750 thousand dollars and he has not withdrawn a single dollar from his bank account?!

And an even more important question, what money he used to pay for his house and cars if his entire income is still sitting in the bank account?

You see, the One Touch story is a big fat lie.


Now that you know that OneTouch is a scam, you can probably guess that testimonials presented on the website are fake.

And it is easy to prove. Look at the picture on the right and you will see that they used stolen and stock photos, these are not real users of this program.

OneTouch scam app

The One Touch app is supposed to be the best binary options trading software out there. So we had a look at it. What we found is one of the most used software by scammers.

This exact same app is being used by many binary options scams, only the colors and logos change. Look at the picture to see the proof.

Recently we’ve seen scams like Prove My Profits, Jarvis Formula and WikiTrader use this same app. In real trading it is losing money, we know it from real traders!

The truth – how it really works

So what is the real purpose of One Touch? It is simple, after registering you will be forced to deposit at least $250 with an unregulated broker (OptionStars). If you do it, scammers will get their affiliate commission from this broker for referring a new depositing client.

And then the OneTouch app will lose your deposit in trading and you will never see it again. End of story.


One Touch is a scam that can only make you lose money with a worthless software, so stay away from it!

No free software will make money for you. Profitable binary options traders had to start on a demo account and test and learn until they could trade profitably. You can try and learn and do it to.

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