Obvious scam review – Ninja Profits

Ninja Profit SystemToday we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called “Ninja Profits”. It is presented by Michael M. Oconnell.

Oconnell says that he is a former NASDAQ analyst who created a binary options trading software that can trade very profitably.

The Ninja Profit app supposedly has a 98% win rate and makes 700% daily profits. Oconnell says that you can become a beta tester and get access to his app for free.

Ninja Profits is a scam

The first thing you should notice is that the Ninja Profit System numbers do not make sense at all. Oconnell says that the minimum investment in a single trade is $25. So the rest is a complete nonsense, namely the 98% win rate, 237 trades per day and 700% daily profits.

Because the average return on a binary option is 80 %. So if the system makes 237 trades per day, it means 232 wins and 5 losses. Which means a profit of $4515 (4640 – 125). This means 1,800 % over the usual minimum deposit of $250 and 18,000% over the minimum investment of $25.

The App
Compare with the Fast Cash Formula scam.

As you can see, scammers do not even know how binary options trading works, so they pull out numbers that make no sense at all. The reality is that Ninja Profits is a scam and the app is losing money to its users.

We’ve already seen the app used in other scams, for example in Fast Cash Formula, so this whole story is bogus.

Testimonials have been done with paid actors and the trading account statements are faked. That’s it.

The only purpose of Ninja Profits is to make you open a trading account with an unregulated broker and deposit money into it, because it will earn an affiliate commission to these scammers. The app will then trade your account and lose your money.


Ninja Profits System is just another scam abusing binary options, so don’t put your money into it. It is not free, they want your deposit.

If you want to try binary options risk free and see how you can make money in binary trading, you can do so on a free demo account.

You need to learn trading if you want to make money with binary options.

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