OBVIOUS SCAM: Trading With John review

In this review of Trading With John Miller we explain that this program is a scam that you should avoid.

Miller claims that he has developed a binary options trading software that can predict price movements with an 80 % accuracy. This allegedly means that it can make you $200 – $500 per day with half an hour of work from your part.

And as money is always free, you can get access to Trading With John for free. Really?

Trading With John is a scam

The reality is that Trading With John Miller is of course a scam that is not free. It will take your money and lose it.

John Miller

John Miller is a scammer. His role is played by a paid actor whose real name remains hidden.

Look closely at his photos with the cars and in the office. They are photoshopped, the background has been added with a software.

Revealed Success fake magazine

The presentation of Trading With John is made in a fake magazine called Revealed Success. Another paid actor plays the role of a journalist called Marcus Flenning.

Check the links on the Revealed Success webpage and you will see that it is not a real magazine. It is a single page website, all the links lead to the registration page, there are no real sections.

The link to Financial Times is of course fake too, because Financial Times never published anything about Trading with John.

Fake testimonials

On the registration page they will show you some testimonials with people who are allegedly making money with this program. But they are fake.

Scammers used stolen photos together with fake review texts. Take a look at the image to see a proof.

Fake trades

On the Trading With John website you can see a supposedly live feed with trades that have been executed by the program.

But the feed is fake. Because it shows binary options with a 15 second expiry, but the shortest expiry nowadays is 30 seconds with unregulated brokers and 60 seconds with regulated brokers.

How it really works

Trading With John has the same purpose as every other scam out there – to make you deposit money with a certain broker. The reason is that these scammers are getting paid by this unregulated broker for referring new depositors. As simple as that.

So the whole bogus story about a profitable software is here just to persuade you to deposit money with a certain broker, so that scammers get their affiliate commission.


Trading With John Miller is an obvious scam designed to make you deposit and lose money with a crappy software. So stay away from it!

To really make money in binary options trading you have to start on a free demo with a regulated broker and test and learn until you are able to trade profitably.

Only then you can start trading with real money for real profits.

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