OBVIOUSLY ILLEGAL: Uplift Aids review

Uplift Aids official webThis review explains that you should stay away from Uplift Aids.

Uplift Aids is supposed to be a crowd funding program that will make you money. There are several plans with returns between $100 and $2000 per month.

Fore example with the Mega Single Leg you supposedly will turn $100 into $2000 in one month, which means a 2,000% return! Really?

Uplift Aids scam

There are so many red flags with Uplift Aids that everybody should see that it is a scam.

No product, no business

Illegal financial gamesFirst of all, crowd funding is usually used for getting funds for a project. People invest in project in the hope that they will deliver something that will generate a profit.

But Uplift Aids has nothing, it obviously is just an illegal financial game where deposits maybe are redistribute among participants until the Ponzi scheme collapses.

They want you to believe that you can make money even when you do nothing with the No Referral program. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Not regulated

Fake company with a fake addressAny public investment program has to be regulated. Since Uplift Aids is allegedly based in France, it needs to have an authorization from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, which is the national financial regulator.

But Uplift Aids has not any licence whatsoever, therefore it is illegal.

Fake company

Last but not least, Uplift Aids is not even a real company. There is no company of this name registered in France.

What’s more, the address in Grenoble the program shows on its website does not even exist! This is the final confirmation that Uplift Aids is a scam.


Uplift Aids is a scam that is playing an illegal financial game with deposits collected from the public. Stay away from it!

Nobody will make you money for free, on a free demo you can see that in financial trading you need a solid strategy to really make money.

And strategies are not free, you have to build your own system in order to succeed.

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