OFFENSIVE SCAM – 7 Figure Months – review

7 Figure Months websiteThis review is about a new binary options scam called „7 Figure Months“. It is presented by Martin Saunders.

Saunders says that he can give you a binary options trading software that will make you one million dollars per month, guaranteed. It is because it allegedly has no losing trades thanks to a loophole it exploits.

The opportunity to get 7 Figure Months for free is allegedly limited to 20 people.

7 Figure Months scam

Martin Saunders scammerLet’s start with Martin Saunders. He does not exist, a paid actor just played a role. What’s more, we’ve seen this guy supporting other binary options scams, so it is not the first time.

The whole 7 Figure Months story is complete fiction, the movie was done with paid actors.


ResultsIn the video you can see Michelle who allegedly earned her first million dollars in the first month.

But the screenshot is such a poor fake. Just look at the date 06.08.2016. It cannot be August 6, because it is a future date, but on the other hand June 8 was a Wednesday, not a Thursday.

This proves that the trading account screenshot is a big fake.


All other testimonials you can see on the 7 Figure Months website are fake too. None of the stories and numbers are real.

7 Figure Months software

The AppWe made a quick test with the app that is supposed to earn you money and we quickly recognized a scam software.

This software is used by scammers only and begins with a fake demo trade that always wins, but it has nothing to do with real trading. Look at the picture to see some other scams that use it.

They even used the same guy as the Insured Outcome scam to persuade you to deposit with their broker.

The truth

Because the truth is that these scammers make money by referring depositors to unregulated brokers. This is why they made up their fairy tale about a software making a million per month.

If you sign up for 7 Figure Months and deposit money with their broker, their software will then lose your deposit. End of story.


7 Figure Months is a scam that abuses binary options. The trading software loses money, we have a lot of feedback about it.

If you want to see how real money can be made with binary options, try a free demo account.

There you’ll see if you are able to build a profitable strategy, which is a must to have when trading with real money.

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