OLD SCAM: A.I App review

In this AI App review we focus on proving that this investment program is in fact a scam. It is presented by Dr. John Clark.

AI App reviewDr. John Clark allegedly is a pioneer in artificial intelligence and he created this trading A.I App. He designed it for financial markets and it supposedly can earn you thousands of dollars per day.

The most impressive thing is that you can get the app for free. You might think you have nothing to lose, but it is not true.

AI App scam

Dr John Clark scammerLet’s kick off this AI App review by looking at Dr. John Clark, PhD, pioneer in artificial intelligence. The bad news is that he is a fake persona, he does not exist.

People who run the AI App scam hired an actor to impersonate the fictitious character of Dr. John Clark, that is the sad truth.

AI App testimonials

AI APP testimonialsScammers behind this program did the same thing for AI App reviews and testimonials. They hired paid actors who are willing to lie for money.

So, people you see in the video endorsing the A.I APP are actors and liars. You will se a proof on our picture, this man has supported many scams in the past, he even played the role of the creator of some of them.

How it works

The last part of this AI APP review is about the true nature of this program. Scammers made up their story about a scientist creating a miraculous trading app, because they need to make you believe that they can make you money.

Because if they manage to do it, they will send you to unregulated broker and say that you have to deposit money with that broker in order to start earning. And this is how they get your money, they cooperate with shady brokers and share money they manage to steal from people.

This is how these investment scams works, in the end they will always ask for your deposit. If you don’t send them anything, they won’t be able to get your money. This is how you can protect yourself against these thieves.

A.I App review conclusion

AI App is an old scam that is made to take money from you, don’t send them anything!

If you are interested in making money in trading, first try a free demo with a regulated broker.

This way you will able to see how trading works, what you have to learn and what would be the risks and potential rewards of investing real money.