OLD SCAM – Cambridge Method review

Cambridge Method scamThis review of the Cambridge Method proves that it is a recycled binary options scam presented by James Hockton.

Hockton claims to by an ex risk analyst modeler from the London Stock Exchange. He says that he has developed a very profitable method for trading and making money that has a 97.56% win rate.

Now you can get his Cambridge Method free for six months.

Cambridge Method scam

testimonials are fakeThe Cambridge Method represents the most recycled binary options scam in the history. The father of these scams is Jake Pertu with his Aussie Method. After it we saw countless mutations such as the London Method or the Toronto Method.

In most cases these scams use the same promotional video, scammers don’t even bother to make a new one. As you can see on the image, the same faces are used under different names.

James Hockton

James Hockton scammerNow it should be clear that James Hockton is a fictitious character, a stock photo has been used together with a fictitious story.

The same applies to testimonials, stock or stolen photos have been used, meanwhile in the Cambridge Method video you can see paid actors.

Everything you can read on their website is fake.

The truth

So how does the Cambridge Method really work? It is very simple, after signing up you will be pushed to deposit at least 200 dollars with a selected broker, because these scammers are getting paid by their broker for referring new depositing clients. This is their motivation.

If you deposit money with them and start trading with the Cambridge Method, you will lose your money in bad trades, simple as that.


The Cambridge Method is a very old scam that provides no profitable strategy, which means that it loses money to its users.

To make money with binary options you need to learn how to trade and build a real strategy on a free demo account.

Only then you can start investing real money and achieve real profits.

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