OLD SCAM: Million Dollar Pips review

Million Dollar Pips reviewThis quick review is a warning, don’t buy the Million Dollar Pips Forex robot, it is a scam. It is presented by William Morrison.

Morrison says that his Million Dollars Pips robot allowed him to earn millions of dollars. He claims that it can turn $250 to more than $1.2 million in just one year.

He is selling his robot for $99, so should you buy it?

Million Dollar Pips scam

Fake trading resultsStart by asking yourself this question: You have a Forex robot that is earning millions of dollars per year, would you sell it to anybody for $99? Of course not!

But the truth is that there is no robot that can turn $250 into one million in year. It is total BS. As you can see on the Million Dollar Pips website, it is all just theory, not real trading results.

Results shown by Morrison are just some simulations run with a very low modelling quality, so very probably inaccurate. And you should also know that is relatively easy to optimize a trading system for a certain period of time, but then it won’t work in the future.

We are absolutely certain that Million Dollar Pips cannot turn a few hundreds into a million. It is a total scam.

Illegal robot

And one more thing. A trading robot is of course an investment tool that you have to have a license for. You have to be registered with a financial regulator in order to sell it legally.

But Morrison is obviously a fake name, the real seller remains hidden and certainly is not authorized by authorities to sell investment tools. So, the robot is an illegal piece of investment advice.


Million Dollar Pips is a scam robot that cannot make you any money. It is based on poor simulations, stay away from it!

The real path to trading profits leads through your own testing, learning and building a real strategy. You can start on a free demo and try it.

Don’t believe any robots that promise to make you a millionaire quickly and with little trading capital, they are scams.

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