OLD SCAM: MTsoft review

MtSoft websiteThis review is about the MTSoft scam of John Harrison, who wants to lose your money in trading.

Harrison says that his company created a trading software called Mirror Trader that can allegedly make you $14,500 per day. This means that it could make you a millionaire in less than four months.

What’s more, you can get MTsoft for free. So, can you really become rich for free?

MTsoft scam

Mirror Trader linkThe truth is that MTsoft is an old scam with a slightly changed name. We have already reviewed it under the original name of Mirror Trader.

MTsoft is just a new brand, but in the video you will see that scammers still use the name Mirror Trader. In our previous review we have proven that it is a scam and that John Harrison is a scam artist.

Fake reviews

Testimonials are not trueThe MTsoft website shows some testimonials, alleged users’ success stories with this trading program. But they all are fake.

Check our picture and you will see that scammers used some random photos from Internet, these people don’t have anything in common with this scam, they don’t even know that it exists!

Scam software

Losing trading robotWe also did a test of the MTsoft trading app. And it was quickly over, because we immediately recognized a scam software that is used by binary options scams only.

On our picture you will see that scams like Desert Millionaire, Blazing Speed Trader and Fintech Profits are based on this same app. And there are many more.

From real users of this software we know that it is losing money in real trading!

The truth

The last piece of this MTsoft puzzle is about the true purpose of this scam. It will make you sign up and deposit money with a broker that is not regulated. Because people who run this scam are affiliated with this broker, they get paid for referring new depositors. Simple as that.

But now that you know that it is a scam, you also know that you should not deposit any money with MTsoft.


MTsoft is an old scam under a new brand. It will make you lose money in trading, because the robot is worth nothing. Stay away from it!

To really make money in trading you have to build yourself a proper and profitable trading strategy. Nobody will do that for you. You can start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Don’t trade with real money until your strategy is ready and proven to work.

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