swarm intelligenceIn this Swarm Intelligence review we explain why you should not invest money with this scam of Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter.

Francis and Porter claim that they have created a binary options trading software based on Swarm Intelligence that has a 83 % win ratio. So it is allegedly is making huge money. Such a win ration could make you a millionaire within one year.

And because becoming a millionaire is usually free (right?), you can get access to Swarm Intelligence for free.

This is probably the only real Swarm Intelligence review you will find, because we see scammers’ networks heavily promoting this scam with fake reviews, so beware!

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Swarm Intelligence scam

The whole story about the Swarm Intelligence trading system is of course just a big lie. There is no free money on binary options. Winning strategies are traded by those who created them, they are not shared with the public for free, because it would make them stop being profitable. That is how financial markets work.

Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter

dr steven francisDr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter are scammers. Fictitious characters played by paid actors. We made an extensive research and there is no Dr. Steven Francis with PhD in animal behaviour.

Nowadays you can find traces of every real active researcher on the internet. But we have found nothing about Dr. Steven Francis, except for fake binary options reviews that endorse this scam because they get paid for it. These guys simply do not exist in reality.

Swarm Intelligence fake company

domainWe also made a research about the alleged SwarmIntelligence company, but it is a fake entity. There is no contact information, no phone number, no information about regulation or financial licence.

And the domain name confirms that this is a big scam, it has been registered just a few days ago, look at the picture! It means that all the story behind this program is a lie, no prior testing program whatsoever, they exist for only a week.


profitsOn the Swarm Intelligence website you can see a chart with alleged trading results.

But this chart is fake, because it shows profits on weekends, and on weekends markets are closed, which means that you cannot trade.

Another nonsense is the table with projected profits that Francis and Porter show you.

There are columns showing profits based on $25 and $50 trades.

testThese are always the same trades, the only difference is the amount invested in each trade.

So the $50 trades should have double profits, but they don’t, numbers are higher. And this cannot be explained with a potential compounding effect, because the same amount of trades at a later date generates a lower profit. So scammers are missing even the most basic things about trading, they can’t teach you anything!

Trading software

softwareThe Swarm Intelligence trading software is designed the same was as all the scam apps that we have reviewed so far. After registering you will be forced to deposit money with a broker that you won’t be allowed to choose. You won’t be able to try the software until you make the deposit.

There is a good reason behind this, these scammers are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositing clients. This is how they make money. They cannot trade profitably, their software is a total crap, this is why they cannot let you try it until they earn their commission thanks to your deposit.

If you let Swarm Intelligence software trade with your money, you will lose it!


Swarm Intelligence is a very simple scam that will force you to deposit money with a selected broker and then the software will lose your deposit in trading.

The only sure way to make money with binary options is to learn how to trade on a free demo account. Only then you can invest real money for real profits.

Forget about free money making robots, they are all scam!

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10 thoughts on “ONLY REAL REVIEW: Swarm Intelligence is a MONSTRUOUS SCAM!

  1. Yes, another scam autotrader. Thanks for this review.
    I did some You-Tube video’s to warn people about some of the autotraders and
    there promoters. Cant keep up doing this, there are so many of them 🙁
    Hope people do a good search and come to you guys.
    I use your website link in my video’s, if that’s ok?

    Best regards,

  2. This is a total SCAM! They force you to use unlicensed and unregulated brokers. You will never able to withdraw your money after making a deposit

  3. OMG thank you – thank you. I was preparing to “invest” and then I found your site…WOW!!.
    I received a message from their broker (CTOption). Then I looked them up – NOT regulated – that alone is
    a warning.
    Thank you again

  4. They reference real science, but do it incorrectly.

    It’s like they don’t understand the field they are talking about.

    This looks like a total scam.

    1. !It’s like they don’t understand the field they are talking about.”
      You bet they don’t know, they are just binary options scammers.

  5. Funny how all the other review websites keep adding new “profitable” robots almost every month. I mean you would need just one working as they say and within a few months you would make enough money for the rest of your life. But they’re saying there is several profitable robots and each of them can make you a millionaire. Swarm Intelligence, Copy Buffett, Code Fibo, Binabot, you name them… And they are all free! Seriously, how on earth can anybody believe them?!!!

    1. Well, I guess people often believe what they want to be true, not what is real. You promise them a free income, they say yes, although it is an impossible thing in the real world. Then you provide them with reviews that say that it really works, so they believe even more. With fake reviews dominating, common sense is the only thing that can stop them. I think people should really become alert at the moment when they are asked for a deposit. You are promised a free income, but the first thing you have to do is to send your own money somewhere. It’s a huge warning sign.

  6. This is a Michael Freeman product AKA binaryoptionwatchdog and countless other scam sites run by him. So review sites are scared to go up against him or just jump on board so as not to upset him. Well done Mr Novak.

    1. Yeah, I see that all the usual fake review websites jumped on this one with a fake review, all at the same time. We can expect follow ups, videos with faked trading results, etc. These scam websites are dominating search engine results, it is very difficult to fight against them. Google is totally failing with this, a review is not a review when you have an affiliate link to the reviewed product in it. Google are saying that they are good in identifying this, but it’s not true, they place these fake reviews at the top 🙁

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