ORDINARY SCAM: Automated Wealth Solution review

Automated Wealth Solution reviewIn this review of Automated Wealth Solution we explain why you should not trade binary options with this scam.

Automated Wealth Solution is a trading signals software that tells you when to trade and what to trade to reach maximum profit. You allegedly need just some basic skills to start earning money with this program.

And because Automated Wealth Solution is free, you allegedly can make money for free.

Automated Wealth Solution scam

In reality Automated Wealth Solution is a simple scam that will make you lose money. In fact it is not free.

Fake testimonials

ReviewsLet’s start with Automated Wealth Solution testimonials. On the website you can see three stories of people that are allegedly making money with this system.

But they are all fake. Scammers made up some reviews and they coupled them with stock photos. Look at the picture to see a proof.

Scam connections

GreenInteresting things happen after you register. First you will see a welcome video of Walter Green. This is a very familiar name in the scam industry. Indeed, this video comes from one of the most spread scams Millionaire Blueprint.

This is another proof that Automated Wealth Solution is a scam.

MarketsAnd when you take the final step, you are taken to the Online Wealth Markets app, which is another known binary options scam.

So it seems that Automated Wealth Solution was built by using bits and pieces of other scams, it is not even an original binary options scam.

How it works

So what is all this good for? For scammers to make money, of course. After you register you will be pushed to deposit money with a broker that scammers are affiliated with. The reason is that these scammers are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositing traders.

That’s how this scam works. If you deposit money with them and let their software trade with it, you will lose everything.


Automated Wealth Solution is a scam that will force you to deposit and lose money with a worthless trading software.

Don’t think that a software will make money for you. If you want to earn money in trading, open a free demo account and start learning and building your own profitable strategy.

This is how trading works, patience, work and learning are required.

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