ORDINARY SCAM: Crypto Cash System review

Crypto Cash System official webIn this review we address the issues with the Crypto Cash System that is presented by Brian Daniels.

Daniels claims that he can show you how you can become a crypto millionaire. He will teach you this for $27.

Can you really buy millionaire worth information for just $27?

Crypto Cash System scam

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Cryptos are down in 2018.

Unfortunately, Daniels is just what we call a hindsight guru. He is showing you historical charts of various cryptocurrencies and telling you how much you would have made, if you invested back in…

This is really a silly game, anybody can pick the best historical charts and say how easy it was to made money. The thing is, that these gurus were nowhere to predict these price movements back then, they can only identify them once they happened.

Moreover, Daniels is showing you only old charts and he doesn’t say that cryptos are down this year, there is a down trend since January. Look at the picture on the right.

The reality is that if Daniels knew how to make millions with cryptocurrencies, he would not be selling e-books for $27.

Illegal investment advice

Another important point is that the Crypto Cash System is in fact illegal investment advice. Daniels is teaching how to trade cryptocurrencies, which is investment advice.

So, he needs a licence to be allowed to do that, but in reality he is totally anonymous, even his name is probably fictitious. He is acting illegally.

How it really works

The Crypto Cash System is a pack of ordinary information that you can find online for free. It certainly won’t make you a millionaire. But not all people will ask for a refund, and that is what will make Daniels earnings.


Crypto Cash System is just another crap that is abusing cryptocurrencies, don’t buy it.

The truth is that nobody knows what cryptocurrencies will do. If you want to trade them to make money, do your own analysis and your own trading decisions. You can practice on a free demo account to see if you can be profitable.

Hindsight gurus like Daniels are just scammers that don’t know which cryptocurrencies will be successful.

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